This Startup Packs All AI Tools in One Box – Startup Review

Every marketer and entrepreneur knows the struggle of handling multiple AI tools, each with its own subscription fee, to keep the digital gears turning. It’s a common headache – costly, time-consuming, and, let’s face it, a bit of a hassle. But what if there was a way to simplify this process, to merge all those tools into one platform?

Enter, a startup that’s making waves among marketers, busy entrepreneurs, and small—to medium-sized businesses. Malte Prüser’s brainchild, stands as a beacon of efficiency, offering a solution that’s both time—and wallet-friendly.

Imagine a world where one platform can replace a handful of others just for a slice of your budget. has turned this possibility into a tangible opportunity with its all-in-one AI platform, which is as easy to use as affordable.

While other companies might leave you navigating a maze of customer support, Malte ensures a personal touch, directly responding to support inquiries and rapidly integrating features users crave. This agility and customer-centric approach set apart in a booming AI market projected to reach over $2 trillion by 2032.

We interviewed to learn how It is carving out its own niche in this expansive industry and how it is helping businesses say goodbye to AI app overload.

What is is simplifying complex digital marketing tools for marketers, entrepreneurs, and small—to medium-sized businesses. With a plethora of AI applications demanding attention and funds, this platform emerges as a unified solution, consolidating essential AI tools into one accessible and cost-effective hub. It’s designed to save you both time and money, replacing the need to subscribe to multiple services with a single, streamlined experience. offers relief by integrating the best of these tools and models into a user-friendly platform for those who find themselves overwhelmed by the variety of AI applications. What truly sets it apart is the direct line to the CEO for support, ensuring that feedback is not only heard but acted upon swiftly. New features are regularly introduced in response to user requests.

At its core, is about efficiency and personalization, catering to the needs of its users with a responsive and agile service. It’s a practical, no-nonsense approach to managing digital tools, allowing you to focus on what really matters in your business. Founders

Malte Prüser stands at the forefront of, not as a distant figurehead but as the beating heart of a startup that’s reshaping the digital marketing tools landscape. His journey into the realm of entrepreneurship began early, with a penchant for crafting and nurturing online businesses that seemed almost innate.

His background is a tapestry of innovation and digital ventures, a testament to a career dedicated to the ever-changing online ecosystem. Malte’s entrepreneurial spirit has driven his ventures, each step paving the way for the next breakthrough.’s genesis can be traced back to its early days when it was merely an AI copywriting app. It was a time of exploration and potential, with initial funding sparked by a limited-time deal that caught the attention of forward-thinking investors.

The inception of was born out of Malte’s personal frustration—a sentiment shared by many in the marketing world. He was determined to solve the dilemma of subscribing to multiple AI applications, each with its own hefty price tag. This search led him to envision a platform to consolidate these disparate tools into one, though such a solution was nowhere to be found. So, he took matters into his own hands and built it.

Malte’s story is one of perseverance and a deep understanding of his audience’s pain points, channeling his own experiences into a service that resonates with marketers, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized businesses alike. His hands-on approach to customer support and feature development reflects a founder deeply in tune with his user base, setting apart as a startup with its roots firmly planted in the needs of its customers.

Interview with Malte Prüser, CEO of

In a world where technology evolves quickly, it’s refreshing to see a company like streamline the digital chaos. I had the privilege of conversing with Malte Prüser, the mastermind behind this innovative platform, to understand the gears that turn within this emerging startup. Below is the essence of our discussion, captured to shed light on the inner workings of and its CEO’s vision.

Q: Could you tell us about the inception of and the journey so far?
: began as a personal challenge to address the inefficiencies in digital marketing. Our journey started with an AI copywriting app, which quickly grew thanks to early funding from a limited-time deal. It’s been a process of constant innovation and adaptation, responding to the needs of our users to evolve into the comprehensive platform we offer today.

Q: What gap in the market did you identify that led to the creation of
: The core issue was the fragmentation of AI tools, each with its own subscription cost, which quickly adds up. Realizing there wasn’t a single solution that combined these tools, I decided to create one. is the result of that vision—a centralized, cost-effective platform for all AI marketing needs.

Q: How do you differentiate from its competitors?
: Our personal touch sets us apart. I respond to all support inquiries myself and rapidly develop features based on user feedback. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of AI trends and quickly delivering updates, which are key differentiators.

Q: Can you share insights into the growth and performance of
A: Though it’s still early days, we’ve seen impressive growth, with around a 300% increase year over year. We currently support approximately 10,000 users monthly, with a recurring revenue hovering at $1,000 per month post the initial surge from our limited-time deals.

Q: What are the future plans for
A: Our focus is on promoting monthly recurring revenue and establishing as the go-to platform for quick AI tool access. We’re dedicated to refining our platform and expanding our user base, with a long-term vision of becoming a cornerstone in digital marketing.

Q: What advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs in the AI space?
: Persistence, iteration, and belief are vital. Growing and monetizing an AI startup is challenging, but these qualities are the key to success. Despite launching in 2022, we’re still in what I consider the early stages, and I approach each day with the same dedication as in the beginning.

Q: Finally, could you provide some statistics that highlight the potential of the AI industry?
: Certainly. The global AI market was valued at USD $454.12 billion in 2022, and it is expected to surge to approximately USD $2,575.16 billion by 2032, progressing at a CAGR of 19% from 2023 to 2032. These figures underscore the immense growth and opportunities within the industry.

Malte Prüser’s story is a testament to the transformative power of a clear vision and unwavering commitment. is not just a platform; it’s a beacon for marketers and entrepreneurs navigating the digital expanse in search of a simpler, more unified toolset. With Malte at the helm, it’s poised to become an indispensable ally in the digital marketing arsenal.

Feedough’s Take on is a breath of fresh air in a market crowded with specialized AI tools. Its all-in-one platform promises not just convenience but also the potential for significant cost savings, which is a big plus for resource-conscious startups and SMEs. CEO Malte Prüser’s personal responsiveness adds a layer of trust and adaptability that’s rare in tech today.

Looking ahead,’s challenge will be to maintain this level of service while scaling up and continue disrupting the status quo with innovative features. If they manage this balancing act, expect to be a game-changer in how digital marketing tools are used and managed.