This Startup Boosts E-Commerce Sales with Smart Search – Magifind Startup Review

E-commerce businesses, you know the drill. Your customers land on your site hoping to find the perfect item they want. But then, the search begins, and too often, it ends in frustration. The culprit? A clunky, unhelpful site search function that sends potential sales out the virtual door. Enter Magifind, stepping into the spotlight to tackle this very problem.

With a laser focus on e-commerce platforms, Magifind isn’t just another search solution; it’s a sales catalyst. By transforming the standard search bar into a smart, intuitive tool, it promises to keep customers clicking ‘add to cart’ rather than heading for the exit.

Magifind’s founders, Koen van Eijk and Thomas van Turnhout, bring their expertise from Automagica to the table, ensuring a smooth and swift setup that sidesteps the headaches of integration. No more waiting, no more lost sales—just the satisfaction of search done right.

As they set their sights on the Enterprise Search market, it’s clear Magifind is more than ready to turn possibility into opportunity. We did an interview to find out just how they’re planning to do it.

What is Magifind?

Magifind is transforming the e-commerce shopping experience with its smart site search that keeps customers engaged and increases sales. Imagine the ease of finding exactly what you’re looking for in an online store, without the hassle of going through irrelevant results. That’s the convenience Magifind brings to online shoppers.

For e-commerce businesses, the challenge of converting searches into sales is real. Magifind addresses this by improving search result relevancy and tailoring results to user intent. This means shoppers are more likely to find what they need quickly, leading to a smoother path to purchase.

Standing out in a crowded market, Magifind offers a no-fuss integration process. You won’t be bogged down by complicated setups or costly projects. It’s about instant improvements, making the search function a seamless part of the shopping experience, not a barrier.

At its core, Magifind is about keeping things simple and effective for both businesses and consumers. It’s not just about searching; it’s about finding – quickly, easily, and accurately.

Magifind Founders

Koen van Eijk and Thomas van Turnhout are the entrepreneurial minds behind Magifind, a startup that’s redefining the e-commerce search experience. With a history of innovation, these founders are no strangers to the tech scene. Their previous venture, Automagica, caught the attention of Netcall plc, leading to a successful acquisition in 2020. This triumph set the stage for their next chapter: tackling the ubiquitous problem of subpar website searches in the e-commerce space.

The duo’s journey into the startup world began with a shared frustration. As consumers and tech enthusiasts, they recognized the pain point of poor search functions on e-commerce platforms. This insight sparked the inception of Magifind. Van Eijk and van Turnhout saw an opportunity to apply their expertise to enhance online shopping, ensuring that finding the right product is as simple as the click of a button.

In the early days, Magifind was more of a concept than a company, a vision fueled by the belief that better search capabilities equate to more sales. The founders had a clear mission in their minds: to improve search result relevancy and provide personalized results that align with user intent. It was a bold move, but the pair were confident that their solution would resonate with e-commerce businesses and shoppers alike.

From the outset, van Eijk and van Turnhout have been hands-on with Magifind, drawing from their previous success to navigate the complexities of launching a startup. They’ve taken a lean approach, focusing on delivering a product that speaks for itself through instant results and effortless integration. Their story is a testament to the power of a clear vision and the determination to see it through, setting a compelling example for both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors.

Interview with Koen van Eijk, Founder of Magifind

Seizing the opportunity to find out more about this innovative startup Magifind, I had the privilege of having an engaging conversation with Koen van Eijk, one of the masterminds behind this promising startup. Here’s a glimpse into what unfolded, revealing insights about the workings and aspirations of Magifind.

Q: Koen, could you share with us what Magifind is all about?
A: Certainly. Magifind is a smart site search solution designed specifically for e-commerce platforms. We aim to keep customers engaged and increase sales by providing highly relevant search results that match user intent.

Q: What audience does Magifind primarily serve?
A: Our target audience is the e-commerce sector. We’re focused on enhancing the online shopping experience by ensuring that customers can find exactly what they’re looking for with ease.

Q: How does Magifind tackle the issue of improving search results?
A: We’ve developed a system that improves search result relevancy and delivers personalized results. Our technology understands user intent, thereby increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Q: Could you tell us more about the founding team of Magifind?
A: The team comprises Thomas van Turnhout and myself. We previously co-founded Automagica, which was acquired by Netcall plc in 2020. Our combined experience in tech innovation is the driving force behind Magifind.

Q: What was the inspiration behind venturing into this industry?
A: The inspiration came from a simple observation: most websites have substandard search functions. We saw the potential to make a significant impact by improving this essential aspect of e-commerce.

Q: Can you give us some insight into the early days of Magifind?

A: Magifind started as a concept, driven by a clear mission to improve online search experiences. We’ve just launched, and we’re excited to see how our product can make a difference for e-commerce businesses.

Q: How does Magifind stand out from its competitors?
A: We differentiate ourselves through our straightforward integration process. There are no tedious or costly implementation projects involved. We’re all about delivering instant results.

Q: Has Magifind received any external funding?
A: No, we have not received external funding at this stage.

Q: What are Magifind’s plans for the future?
A: Our vision is to make a significant mark in the Enterprise Search market. We want to be the go-to solution for e-commerce businesses looking to improve their online search capabilities.

Q: What advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: Start today. Don’t wait for the perfect moment; take the leap and begin working towards your vision now.

This conversation with Koen van Eijk not only sheds light on the innovative strides Magifind is making but also serves as an inspiration for those looking to start their entrepreneurial journey. With a clear focus on solving a common problem and a commitment to simplicity and effectiveness, Magifind is a startup to watch in the e-commerce space.

Feedough’s Take on Magifind

Magifind is positioned to make waves in the e-commerce sector, offering a much-needed upgrade to the online shopping search experience. By zeroing in on user intent and relevance, they’re not just solving a problem—they’re enhancing the buyer’s journey, which is crucial in a market where consumer patience wears thin quickly. The founders’ track record with Automagica suggests a strong potential for success, and their lean approach could see Magifind rapidly adapting to customer needs and scaling up.

The absence of external funding might be seen as a challenge, but it also speaks to the founders’ confidence in their product and business model. Going forward, Magifind’s focus on simple integration and instant results could disrupt the Enterprise Search market, setting a new standard for others to follow.

For Magifind, the future looks bright. E-commerce platforms hungry for conversion rate optimization will likely embrace this tool. The real test will be in maintaining ease of use while scaling and innovating in a market that never stands still. Expect to see Magifind become a household name among e-commerce businesses if they continue on their current trajectory.