A Hyperlocal Learning Community – MillionCenters Startup Review

In a country where the EdTech industry is expected to be worth $1.96 billion in 2021, not many startups have really focused on making it more comfortable with technology to access the offline education sector and finding tutors based on social validation.

Meet Millioncenters – Never Stop Learning, a hyperlocal-education-centres-listing-platform that helps you find the most suitable tutor to help you in your academics, hobbies, or usual interests.

MillionCenters – Startup Review By Feedough

A platform that connects learners and students with relevant coaching institutes within their areas – a well-designed Zomato for coaching institutes, to be precise.

Covering over 280 sub-categories of learning, MillionCenters runs on a simple listing model where the coaching centres, learning institutes, and even individual teachers and trainers list themselves to get more specific leads that convert.

On the other hand, it helps the learners to scout for the best teachers and institutes near them by providing them with a hyperlocal listing of verified profiles backed by community reviews and ratings.

The Concept

MillionCenters found an opportunity in the repressed demand for a specialized platform for learning centres. The company works on a concept to create a one-stop platform that caters to all the needs relating to learning – be it academic, hobby-related, or professional knowledge.

The Offering

To cater to the problem of the non-existence of a specialized platform aggregating the coaches and teachers, MillionCenters focused on developing one. It currently operates the platform using the website and smartphone applications.

The company currently covers over 280 sub-categories which include but aren’t limited to – Dance, Photography, Yoga, Languages, Gym, Academics, and even Professional Coaching.


The Value Proposition

Unlike usual hyperlocal listing platforms, listing on MillionCenters is completely free. Moreover, it also provides other benefits to the coaches and teachers, like –

  • Tools for tutors like lead management software and inventory management software.
  • Website development for tutors to help them build their brand online and enhance their online presence.
  • Interest-based leads that have more chances to convert.

For the learners, it acts as a first one-stop solution for all their learning needs. Currently, even though the demand for learning is increasing, information communication about the supply is still not structured. The usual scouting process for a suitable learning centre is tedious and not very reliable. It just involves word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family members, fliers, and local advertisements which leaves the learner with limited choices to choose from (many talented tutors can’t afford local ads due to financial constraints).

MillionCenters caters to this repressed demand by not only listing the coaches, tutors, and trainers online (for free) but also creating a review and rating system that helps the learners choose the most suitable learning centre for them.


The Interview

We discussed the concept, vision, and future prospects of the startup with Capt. Surinder Singh, the founder of MillionCenters. Here are his thoughts on his startup –

How is your product/service disrupting the industry?

Education in India is an aspiring multi-billion-dollar industry in its nascent stage, and we have timed our product release in India with this in mind. This sector in India centres solely around academics and gives very little attention to other segments such as fitness, arts, music, dance, language, etc.

With the advent of technology, a significant emphasis has been laid out on digital/online learning with massive amounts being invested in new tech startups. This increase has made it harder for local coaches, tutors or trainers to compete with such organizations. We aim to provide a platform for real-life teachers/trainers to be able to leverage technology and grow.

The technology behind EdTech is continuously evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and the potential implications of digital disruption is far-reaching. We help centres to leverage these avenues and offer better services. At the same time, we believe we help people/users to learn easily, find and connect conveniently with verified trainers and centres near them — because, for a learner, the existing process is quite unstructured and tedious, whereby learners rely on channels like Google search, Facebook groups, newspapers, flyers, and word of mouth. Further to that, they are often faced with service quality and communications issues with the centres.

What about the competition? How are you better than others?

The fact that we are not wholly content based ed-tech platform in itself sets us apart from most of the sector startups in the market. We have incorporated unique features such as complete A-Z process automation for centres, proprietary search algorithm, broad category options, job opportunity, and career growth, not learning content-based, certified centre listings, flexibility to centres on how to market the courses, SMM and events, creating a digital network for learners.

We have set high standards in terms of product quality, product pricing, service capabilities and marketing modes such that we would always be one step ahead of any competition, current or future entrants to this market. We do plan to develop the ancillary product or even move towards hardware products to sustain and create value for our business venture.

The history of your startup (how it all started)?

This journey for us started way back in 2016. We have known each other for over 10 plus years, and we always wanted to solve a problem large enough and one about which we cared passionately. This made us think about the education sector, and a need to revolutionize the way things were being done traditionally. The team stays fixated on the common goal of revolutionizing the learning sector to generate thousands of full time and part-time coaching jobs, providing more fulfilling lives to all.

Tell us about your team

Our team has a solid business, finance and technology background with each of us working with multi-nationals for over 15 to 18 years. Moreover, we have already built our MVP and have obtained customers who are using the product that puts us in a good position to conquer the market and create a unique place for our product and firm in the market. We have a strong team of 15+ people working hard to get more things done, so each person is wearing multiple hats at the moment.

What’s the progress till now and what are you expecting in the future?

We have our apps (both Android and Apple OS) and our web-portal live.

Feedough’s take on MillionCenters

Finding a repressed demand and developing a business model to cater to it is a disruption in itself; MillionCenters has achieved this feat very efficiently. The business model is perfectly designed to pose no barriers to entry for both tutors as well as learners.

However, the startup may face a tough challenge from Google My Business listings which stops the learners from even clicking on other listing websites. Extensive marketing tactics like promotion messages within coaching institutes, Google ads, as well as social media promotion might help the startup establish their brand in the niche as a pioneer.

That being said, we do believe that the startup has the ability to be true to its name and will succeed in getting a million centres on board.


If you consider yourself as a philomath – a lover of learning, MillionCenters is for you. Even if you are just looking for hobby-centres near you, give this app a try. It’s available on the web, Playstore, and iOS.

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