This EdTech Startup Automates K12 Course Creation for Personalized Learning –  SubSchool Startup Review

In a world where quality education is often unavailable or comes with a hefty price tag, SubSchool aims to level the playing field for K12 students. Traditional mass courses fail to provide personalised attention, leaving students struggling to keep up. 

However, SubSchool steps in with their innovative platform, empowering teachers to easily create customised courses. By automating routine tasks and offering individualised sets of exercises, they not only reduce course costs but also generate fair ratings and enhance the learning experience. 

What Is SubSchool?

SubSchool is a platform that provides an easy way for teachers or schools to create their own courses in K12 subjects. It addresses the issue of expensive quality training and the lack of individualised attention in mass courses. By automating routine teacher tasks and implementing fair ratings based on testing, SubSchool reduces the cost of courses and generates personalised exercises for students.

Imagine a small-town teacher who wants to create engaging and interactive courses for their students. With SubSchool, they can effortlessly design their own curriculum, assigning specific lessons and exercises tailored to each student’s needs. This level of customisation ensures that every student receives the attention they deserve, fostering a more effective learning environment.

Additionally, SubSchool’s focus on K12 education sets it apart from competitors. By automating various teacher tasks, such as generating personalised assignments, SubSchool streamlines the course creation process. This allows teachers to dedicate more time to providing valuable instruction and support to their students.

SubSchool Founders

Maksim Mamchur is the founder of SubSchool, a platform that aims to revolutionise K12 education by providing easy course creation in various subjects. Growing up in a small town, Maksim faced numerous challenges in accessing quality education. This personal journey, coupled with his experience as a tutor and content creator, inspired him to create SubSchool.

With a deep understanding of the problems faced by both students and teachers, Maksim embarked on a mission to improve school education. Despite financial constraints, he worked tirelessly to release the beta version of the product, overcoming the challenges of limited resources.

SubSchool has not yet received external funding but has ambitious plans for the future. With the aim of introducing homework generation and custom tutoring features, as well as implementing AI for checking handwritten solutions, SubSchool strives to enhance the learning experience for students.

Interview with Maksim Mamchur, Founder of SubSchool

In our interview with Maksim Mamchur, the visionary behind SubSchool, we delved into his inspiring journey of creating an innovative platform for personalised K12 education. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by students and teachers alike, Maksim embarked on a mission to transform the school education system.

Q: What inspired you to venture into the education industry with SubSchool?

A: Being born in a small town, I faced many difficulties in obtaining a quality education. Through perseverance, I managed to get into university and worked as a tutor, gaining insights into both student and teacher struggles. I wanted to utilise my experiences to help improve school education and make it more accessible.

Q: Can you give us some insight into the early days of SubSchool?

A: In the early days, we faced financial constraints and didn’t have the means to hire a dedicated team. However, we worked tirelessly during evenings, weekends, and vacations to release the beta version of our product. The determination and passion of the team kept us going.

Q: How does SubSchool differentiate itself from competitors?

A: Our dedicated focus on K12 education allows us to automate many routine teacher tasks. One of our key differentiators is our work on generating individualised assignment sets for students based on their performance. This will enable us to build course rankings that reflect the true value and effectiveness of each course.

Q: Has SubSchool received any external funding?

A: Currently, we have not received any external funding. We are bootstrapping the company and working towards sustainable growth.

Q: What are SubSchool’s plans for the future?

A: In the near future, we plan to introduce homework generation and custom tutoring features. This will provide additional support to tutors and enhance the learning experience for students. Furthermore, we aim to develop a system for checking handwritten solutions using AI, allowing for automatic evaluation of more complex assignments.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

A: My advice would be to pursue what you love. When you are passionate about your work, you have the power to bring about meaningful change in the world.

In a world where millions of children lack access to schooling, SubSchool’s efforts to provide personalised education become all the more crucial. With their dedication to empowering teachers and students through their platform, SubSchool is poised to make a significant impact on the future of education.

Statistics have shown that 58.4 million children do not have access to schooling, highlighting the pressing need for innovative solutions like SubSchool. With their focus on personalization, automation, and accessibility, SubSchool is paving the way for a more inclusive and effective education system.

Feedough’s Take on SubSchool

SubSchool’s approach to addressing the challenges in K12 education is commendable. By providing a platform for teachers to easily create personalised courses and automating routine tasks, they are reducing the cost of education and improving student engagement.

However, SubSchool’s success will ultimately depend on its ability to scale and adapt to changing technology. As AI and automation continue to advance, SubSchool must stay ahead of the curve to continue providing innovative solutions for education.

Overall, SubSchool’s dedication to improving the education system and their passion for creating meaningful change make them a promising player in the industry. We look forward to seeing how they continue to evolve and make a difference in the lives of students and teachers around the world.

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