How To Write A Successful Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30 second description of your business. It’s usually used to quickly and simply tell people what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for.

Building a good elevator pitch is an important step in communicating your startup idea. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Tell a Story

When someone asks you what your business does, it helps to tell a story. Stories engage people. Use an interesting fact or numbers. Make the listener want to know more.

Get To The Point

Start with a problem, offer a solution and showcase an opportunity it created for you. The best elevator pitches contain a lot of "wow"s and "oh"s. They hold the listener's attention, and are easy to remember.

Set A Goal

When giving your elevator pitch, always set a goal. For example, if you want to close a sale, clearly tell the listeners what action you'd like them to take.

Keep It Short

Most elevator pitches should not exceed 30 seconds.

Don't Sound Salesy

While most people associate an elevator pitch with selling, it's not meant to be one. Instead, your pitch should connect with the listener.

Include A Credible Statistic

If your startup has won an award, or achieved a certain number of sales, include that in your pitch. This helps to convince people that your business is credible.