This Startup Is Making Cross-Border Payments in Africa Swift and Simple – Bingtellar Startup Review

In the bustling streets of Africa, where freelancers hustle and enterprises grow, money zips across borders slower than traffic in a rush hour jam. The pain? Oh, it’s the excruciating wait for hard-earned cash to crawl through the maze of traditional banking. But what if there was a way to send that money sprinting, not just crawling—a way that’s accessible right at your fingertips? Picture a bridge built on cutting-edge tech that zooms your earnings from one country to another, all within the time it takes to brew a cup of tea.

Enter Bingtellar, the new kid on the block determined to smash these financial roadblocks. Joshua Tebepina, the mastermind CEO, and his wingman, Ben Peremi the tech wizard CTO, listened to the sighs and cries of their fellow digital doers and conjured up a service that’s all about swiftness, savings, and satisfaction. With blockchain magic and stablecoins at play, they’re not just thinking outside the box—they’re redrawing it.

What is Bingtellar?

Bingtellar is a beacon for individuals and small businesses in Africa who are in dire need of a reliable way to handle cross-border payments. Whether you’re a freelancer with clients scattered across continents, an SME looking to broaden its horizons, or an independent contractor on the hunt for hassle-free transactions, Bingtellar promises to whisk your money from point A to point B in a mere 5-10 minutes.

Cross-border remittance suffers no longer from the slowness it once did, thanks to Bingtellar’s use of blockchain technology and stablecoin-based solutions. They’re reshaping the remittance landscape by offering speed, lower costs, and making the complex simple. Unlike traditional operators engrossed in outdated methods or crypto exchanges too volatile for consistent service, Bingtellar’s strength lies in understanding the local demands and sculpting their services to blend seamlessly into the lives of their users.

Bingtellar doesn’t just move money; it connects economies, paving the way for Africa’s digital financial future. With an attentive ear to customer needs and a resolve to outpace the sluggish financial norms, this startup is not just changing the game—it’s setting new rules for swift, cost-effective financial interactions without compromising on the familiarity needed for trust and peace of mind.

Bingtellar Founders

Joshua Tebepina and Ben Peremi are the dynamic duo at the helm of Bingtellar, a startup poised to redefine the money movement across Africa. Joshua, donning the CEO hat, brings a vision shaped by personal frustrations with sluggish international payments during his freelance days. His partner in tech, Ben Peremi, wears the CTO mantle, having delved deep into the world of financial tools and ERP software for importers. Together, they’ve spotted these financial hurdles as hindrances begging for innovative solutions.

Their backstory isn’t just about challenges; it’s a tale of turning obstacles into stepping stones. In their early journey, they focused keenly on user feedback, which became their compass for growth and technological innovation. This unwavering commitment to understanding local needs has carved out Bingtellar’s space in the market, not by merely joining the fray but by redefining convenience and crafting a better experience in remittance services.

While many competitors might miss the mark on customer-centricity or wobble on the volatile waves of cryptocurrency exchanges, Bingtellar stands firm. It’s their mastery of local context and a laser focus on user experience that sets them apart—a platform where blockchain meets everyday transactions without intimidating its users. As they look ahead, their sights are set on becoming the backbone for Africa’s burgeoning digital economy.

Joshua’s advice for fellow dreamers? Keep building and maintain an open dialogue with your users—they’re the ones who will guide you to success. And with statistics like a $95 billion remittance market in Africa, with Nigeria alone accounting for $23 billion, it’s clear that Bingtellar isn’t just part of the story—they’re beginning a new chapter.

Interview with Joshua, CEO of Bingtellar

Securing a moment with the brains behind a fresh venture always adds an extra layer of insight into the inner workings of innovation. For this reason, I had the chance to sit down with Joshua Tebepina, the CEO of Bingtellar, diving straight into his thoughts and visions for this promising enterprise.

Q: Can you tell us what Bingtellar is all about?
A: We help provide individuals and businesses with a faster, easy, and more affordable way to send and receive money within and across Africa in just 5-10 minutes.

Q: Who does Bingtellar serve?
A: Our platform is designed for freelancers, remote workers, SMEs, independent contractors, web3 firms, and enterprises.

Q: What primary problem are you aiming to solve?
A: We’re tackling the issue of cross-border remittance head-on.

Q: How does Bingtellar address this problem?
A: We utilize blockchain technology, stablecoins, and local settlement-enabled infrastructure to make transactions faster and more cost-effective.

Q: Could you give us a bit of background on the founders?
A: Certainly! I’m Joshua Tebepina, CEO and Founder, and along with Ben Peremi, our CTO and Co-founder, we’re steering Bingtellar’s journey.

Q: What drove you to enter this industry?
A: Our own experiences with international payment challenges during our freelancing work highlighted a significant need for change.

Q: How does Bingtellar stand out from its competitors?
A: Our deep understanding of local contexts and our commitment to user-centric approaches distinguish us from others. We’re not just using blockchain; we’re integrating it in ways that enhance customer convenience and experience.

Q: Has Bingtellar received any external funding?
A: No, we’ve grown organically thus far.

Q: What are your plans for Bingtellar’s future?
A: Our aim is high: to be the backbone of Africa’s growing digital economy.

Q: Could you share some user engagement statistics with us?
A: Sure! We have around 877 Monthly Active Users (MAUs), with a remarkable Year-Over-Year growth of 2000%.

Q: Finally, what advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: Keep building your vision and maintain constant communication with your users; they are your most valuable guides.

Feedough’s take on Bingtellar

Bingtellar’s emergence in the financial technology space is a breath of fresh air for cross-border transactions in Africa. By leveraging blockchain and stablecoins, they’re not just simplifying remittances; they’re tearing down old barriers. Their deep understanding of the local market needs and the user-first approach gives them a significant edge over competitors who might be disconnected from the real challenges on the ground.

Focusing on the startup’s trajectory, the potential for growth is immense. The remittance market in Africa is ripe for disruption, and Bingtellar’s impressive year-over-year user growth signals strong market fit and adoption. However, maintaining this momentum will require continuous innovation and strategic partnerships, especially as more players eye this lucrative space.

As expectations rise, the challenge for Bingtellar will be to scale their solutions while preserving that personal touch and reliability that won their initial user base. If they manage to do that, we could be looking at a key player in not just remittances but potentially in broader financial services across the continent. Keep an eye on this one—they’re going places.

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