10 Psychology Tips for Social Media Marketing

Marketers are not psychologists, but a majority of successful marketers employ psychology in their strategies. Social media is technically a user’s platform and to tap the platform for marketing purpose, you need to understand the user. Here are 10 psychology tips for social media marketing for you to implement your strategies effectively and efficiently.

The Art Of Sharing

Sharing isn’t new. Before social network platforms, people used to share cool stuff over lunch. The only thing that has changed is that people now

  • Share more content
  • From more sources
  • With more people
  • More often
  • More quickly

Learn why people share. What do they share, and when do they share most.

Top 5 reasons for sharing on social media networks-

  • 68% share to define who they are
  • 49% share to inform others about things they care about
  • 73% share to connect with people who share their interests
  • 69% share to feel more involved in the world
  • 84% share to support a cause

Hence, sharing is all about creating relationships. They try to build relationships with others by sharing your stuff. You create a relationship with them by posting it.

art of sharing


Shortened attention spans = the need for bolder, easy to digest messaging.

It’s the era of microinteraction. Show them the stuff instead of telling them about it. A study from Microsoft reported that people tend to lose concentration after just eight seconds. You’ve got to devise a message stand out and to grab their attention. Images work.

  • Use Stock photos and charts & graphs to accompany your text.
  • Screeenshots are preferred over texts as they look more relatable.
  • Bloggers can use personal photos to interact with the audience.

This new era has started a new demand for infographics and comics. I agree that comics were never out of fashion, but these are now being used by businesses as they have more repost value over social media. Infographics too have a repost value, plus your users make them travel through different channels (Pinterest, pocket, blogs, etc.) without you putting any efforts.

Psychology in social media marketing


Be everywhere

Increased multitasking = increased need to engage in multi-channel marketing.

People are everywhere on social sphere. So should you. Devise a social media strategy that spans across multiple platforms. People like to divide things. Instagram is for the images, Facebook for connecting with others, Linkedin for professional matters and Tumblr for creativity, etc. Tap the right platform for right type of post to get the right audience.

Develop a community

Develop a community. People like to be in a community. Be it a football community, gamer’s community, or any other. Make them feel they belong there. A sense of connectedness in your target group is good for your business. Make them feel they matter, and you will not require much effort to promote yourself.

Emotions (especially happiness) are contagious

Emotions, especially happiness, is as contagious on social platforms as it is in real life. Emotional triggers can be used to make them engage with you or your post. Knowingly or unknowingly you trigger an emotion with all of your posts, whether it be happiness, sadness or boredom. Try it to be something more engaging and go with the trend.

Oreo Happiness

Make them talk about themselves

Just like you, your readers like to talk about themselves. According to a study, people spend 80% of their time talking about themselves. Devise a social media marketing strategy which includes engaging in conversations with them. Make them talk about them and they’ll use the rest 20% percent of their time to talk about how you let them talk about them, and they’ll talk about you of course.

Cadbury india happy friendship day campaign

Foot in the door theory

When asked to make a small commitment first, we are likely to agree to a larger request later.

The more frequently a user visit your page, like & comment to your posts and often respond to you on social media, the more likely he is to share your posts and invite his friends if being requested to do so. Hence, see to it that you have a nice reader-base.


You get what you give. Give something of value to get something in return. Play the favor game.

Partner with influencers

Influencers rule the social sphere these days. Get them to trust you and you’ll win their follower’s trust automatically.

Fear of missing out

No one like missing out something important. Use the triggers. Make them feel they’re missing out something by not following you or by not buying your products. This trick always work. Or you can use the triggers like ‘be the first one to know’ or other emotional triggers to make them follow you.


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