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Bugs and glitches – the bane of every mobile app developer’s existence. They can be as tricky to pin down as a shadow in the dark, turning what should be a final polish into a lengthy game of technological hide-and-seek. Getting lost in translation between the ones who find the bugs and those who fix them only adds to the headache, until now. Cue Quash, marching onto the scene with their tech-swagger to bridge this frustrating divide for mobile developers, engineering managers, and QA leads who demand nothing short of excellence from their applications. Created by cofounder Prakhar Shakya and team, Quash doesn’t just report bugs; it turns bug-hunting into an efficient operation that’s as smooth as a well-oiled machine.

What is Quash?

Quash is a seamless solution for the mobile development community, who face the common, but testing challenge of bug reporting and fixing. Picture yourself in the shoes of a developer or QA lead; you’re racing against deadlines to squash annoying glitches in your latest app. Quash swoops in as your ally, streamlining this process by serving as a bridge between bug detection and resolution.

The tool itself sits snugly in your testing builds, arming QA testers with the ability to quickly highlight issues straight from their mobile interfaces. It’s not just about flagging up the problems though. Quash brings a smarter approach with its automated capture of screenshots, recordings, logs, and even hands-on root cause analysis. Imagine having all that information available on one page – no need for endless back-and-forths or head-scratching confusion over vague bug reports.

For those steering these projects – the engineering managers and scrum masters – Quash offers a broad view of bug management through its dashboard that syncs comfortably with tools they’re already using, like Jira and Asana.

In an industry where efficiency can make or break an application’s success, Quash stands out by ensuring that no bug is too elusive to be fixed swiftly, keeping mobile apps smooth and user-friendly.

Quash Founders

Prakhar Shakya isn’t just another techie with a bug to fix; he’s leading a charge against one of the biggest time-wasters in mobile app development. As co-founder of Quash, he’s at the helm of a vanguard that’s turning the chaos of bug reporting and fixing into something resembling ballet rather than a battlefield. His LinkedIn profile whispers tales of a journey from spotting a widespread problem to creating an elegant solution.

The birthing pains of Quash were real—no sugar-coating there. Early adopters were hesitant to adopt yet another dashboard, clinging to their familiar tools like life rafts in digital seas. But Prakhar and his team listened, and they adapted, integrating Quash so seamlessly that it felt like it was always part of the furniture. It’s this dedication to harmony in the tech ecosystem that sets them apart from the crowd.

Quash Founders
Quash Founders

Competitors in this field are many, but imagine being able to look at a single page that not only tells you what went wrong but virtually holds your hand through fixing it. This isn’t just about logging bugs; it’s about offering a symphony of information so well orchestrated that even the trickiest bugs can’t hide for long.

No external funding might imply a modest operation, but don’t be fooled. With their sights set on AI-powered solutions and test operations that could revolutionize mobile development, Quash is not just playing the game; they’re redefining it. And sure, they’re young, having started in July 2023, and yes, they serve a handful of customers with early revenue figures. But remember, even titans start small.

For all you future founders out there, Prakhar has some pearls of wisdom: Dive into the unknown and learn as you swim. The path of an entrepreneur is uncharted by nature—embrace it. With every passing day and every line of code, Quash is proving that sometimes the best way to deal with bugs isn’t with a swatter—it’s with smarts.

Interview with Prakhar Shakya, Cofounder of Quash

Stepping into the realm of software development can feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially when bugs play hide and seek in your mobile applications. The quest to identify and obliterate these unwelcome guests usually involves a merry-go-round of communication between developers and testers. That’s where Prakhar Shakya steps in with his startup, Quash, wielding a toolkit designed to streamline this bug-busting process.

Q: Let’s start with your role at Quash.
A: I’m Prakhar Shakya, the co-founder of Quash.

Q: Can you tell us more about what Quash does?
A: We empower mobile development teams to report and solve bugs efficiently. Our tool is an SDK integrated directly into app testing builds.

Q: Who benefits most from your solution?
A: Mobile developers, engineering managers, QA leads, and scrum masters are our primary audience.

Q: What major problem does Quash address?
A: The challenge lies in vague bug reports that lead to time-consuming back-and-forths. We’re refining this process to save precious time.

Q: How does Quash resolve these issues?
A: By providing a comprehensive bug report page which includes screenshots, session replays, and API and network logs, we make bug resolution swift and straightforward.

Q: What inspired you to jump into this industry?
A: The problem we’re tackling was omnipresent in all companies we knew. Our open-source solution received much love, prompting us to develop it further.

Q: How does Quash stand out against competitors?
A: Our one-page comprehensive bug report sets us apart. It removes the need for any preliminary investigation, even for complex issues.

Q: Has Quash received any external funding?
A: No, not as of now.

Q: What future plans do you have for Quash?
A: We’re developing AI-powered solutions for predicting bugs, maintaining clean code, creating unit test cases automatically, and managing testing environments.

Q: Could you share some early revenue figures?
A: Although we’re at an early stage with modest revenue, we currently serve around five customers a month.

Q: Any advice for those looking to start their own business?
A: Dive into the unknown. You’ll learn as you go along. There’s too much that can’t be known beforehand – you have to learn on the job.

Prakhar’s journey with Quash is a testament to innovation in action – tackling bugs smartly and efficiently in the complex world of mobile app development.

Feedough’s take on Quash

Quash is a breath of fresh air in the mobile app development landscape, addressing a pain point that can derail even the most meticulously crafted applications – bug management. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive toolset, it’s clear this startup is on a path to significant impact. The focus on streamlining the bug reporting process while providing detailed data for resolution positions Quash as a strong ally for developers and QA teams alike. They’ve shown promising early adoption and their commitment to evolve with AI-powered solutions hints at an innovative future. Quash exemplifies the dynamism needed to thrive in the tech world – one where adaptability and user-focused enhancements are not just nice-to-haves but essentials. Expect this startup not only to tackle current challenges but also shape how mobile app quality is maintained in the years ahead.

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