LinkedIn Analytics Made Easy – Inlytics Startup Review

If you’re engaged in business, LinkedIn is a goldmine for you. You could an employee looking for a job, an employer searching for new employees, or a salesman finding new leads. LinkedIn has resources for all. The platform is a true definition of business social networking.

Moreover, today, there are influencers on LinkedIn as well. They post, get engagement, increase followers, and then use the same to monetise. And even those who don’t tag themselves as influencers tend to use LinkedIn posts for their own benefits.

But not every LinkedIn user understands data and post analytics.

So, what if there were a LinkedIn content performance optimiser to help you grow your influence?

Welcome, Inlytics.

Inlytics– Startup Review By Feedough

Inlytics is the LinkedIn analytics optimiser that promises to:

  • Raise engagement of your posts,
  • Save your time by analysing your content, and
  • Provide additional insights that LinkedIn doesn’t provide directly.

It’s a one-stop solution for all your LinkedIn data needs specially designed for your personal profile.

The Concept

Inlytics is a data-based SAAS focused on helping users get all data related to their LinkedIn accounts under one dashboard. In the words of Tim Schmidbauer, the founder and CEO of Inlytics –

The idea is that you can analyse your content performance for your personal LinkedIn account. Soon, you will be able to collaborate with teammates and measure content performance across your company for clients. All put together in one dashboard.

We democratise LinkedIn analytics in a way that everybody can use our solution without being a data geek. We deliver actionable insights so you can improve your content performance.

The Offering

While LinkedIn provides certain tools for business pages, it lacks two features:

  1. Well-defined data analytics for personal profiles that customers can use to track and understand their content performance.
  2.  Post scheduling for personal profiles.

Inlytics capitalise on these two limitations and provide a freemium tool that helps LinkedIn users get a visual dashboard of both historical and real-time analytics in the form of:

  • Post impressions
  • Post reactions
  • Post comments
  • Post Engagement Rate
  • Top Posts
  • Performance recommendations
  • Timeline content table
  • Content overview
  • Profile scoring
  • Profile recommendations
  • Information relating to followers, following, search appearance, and connections.

Besides this, the tool also lets the user schedule posts on their private profiles using the scheduler.

The Value Proposition

According to A company’s spokesperson:

Inlytics is not only working towards a state where we just show our users plain data. We aim to form statements. We deliver insights.

In other words, we are currently working on a machine learning algorithm that finds patterns inside of your data and forms clear and actionable statements. Example: “Hey {name}, we found that your engagement rate is slightly under that of your industry peers. Here’s how to fix that.“  

The Interview

We discussed the concept, vision, and future prospects of the startup with  Tim Schmidbauer, the founder and CEO of Inlytics. Here are his thoughts on the startup –

What’s the story behind this startup?

The idea behind inlytics is born out of my own need. I remember that I was always trying to understand what works for me on LinkedIn. In my earliest days, I monitored my post-performance on a Google Spread Sheet.

And guess what? That sucked.

After just a few weeks, I stopped because the insights I got from it were unreliable and the time I put into getting them too much.

So, I was talking to a friend of mine (a small LinkedIn Influencer) and was telling him about my pain: „By any chance, do you know a tool that helps me to analyse my personal LinkedIn content? It doesn’t have to be wild, so that I know what kind of content works for me and who I reach with my content?“

He thought about it for a few seconds and then replied that he does not know of any tool like that. But instead, he asked me if I could share the sheet that I have made up.

Later this day, I talked to a friend of mine (plot: the one I started inlytics with) about this topic. He told me that it wouldn’t be a problem to build something small and viable to fix the pain.

Said, done.

A few weeks later, the first version of inlytics was born.

Still buggy, not very stable, but it did help me analyse my personal LinkedIn content.

I invited five friends to try it out. After not more than three months – we had more than 300 users in a very magical way.

Where are these people coming from?

The journey continued.

More and more people from all over the world came and found us by chance. Most of them surly by referrals of others. At that time, we did not have any articles to boost our rankings in Google, nor did we do it full time.

Not even close.

But at that point, I committed to moving in part-time. This problem wasn’t just my problem…

How is your offering disrupting the industry?

For now, we offer insights into your LinkedIn content data no one else will. I’d say we are also radically rethinking how content is posted today, and we can help our users publish better content. In the end, for me, it all comes down to this statement: Spend less time analysing and more producing what matters.

What about the competition? How are you better than others?

Most tools out there focus on LinkedIn company insights. I think that’s sad because individual accounts deserve much more attention. What we do differently is to focus 100% on personal LinkedIn Accounts (for now) and secondly, do it to help the user extract insights instead of just collecting more data.

Because: nobody needs more data,  everybody loves actionable statements that help to improve the status quo.

Our Why: We believe in helping people to improve based on facts.

Tell us about your team

Currently, we are a set of two founders: Florian, who is responsible for the development of the tool, Tech & Sales, and I, who is designing, doing the marketing stuff (like writing these lines) and also responsible for the strategy part.

All along the way, we got helped by many participants that were providing us with feedback, sometimes coding support, and most importantly, with a good portion of humour that makes working fun and enjoyable.

What’s the progress till now, and what are you expecting in the future?

Yes. We came a long way until here. Do we plan to rest and settle with what we have? Of course not. We have plans.

As I mentioned above, it all comes down to us handing out insights to the user. We make analysing content as actionable and straightforward as possible. For that, we are constantly improving the status quo and work on new features. Insights based on our machine learning algorithm will be one of our following big things to launch.

Feedough’s Take On Inlytics

Inlytics is a promising startup that capitalised on the actual need of the target customers. And the market is enormous. Even though people opt for LinkedIn Premium, the platform still misses on providing a visual dashboard of profile analytics. Inlytics serves to this repressed demand.

However, the platform is still in its beta stage and has certain issues. For example, it operates using a chrome extension, and makes you log in via Google and not directly LinkedIn, which might become a barrier for prospects at the top of the funnel.

That being said, the platform does look like a great initiative with a promising future ahead.

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