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Facebook Marketing – Different Type of Posts on Facebook

Posts on Facebook are no rocket science. We know you know it. But have you ever tried posting anything different from the usual stuff? We bet you did! Or not?

Here is all that you (or someone else, on your behalf) usually post on Facebook

  1. Text (status’ and notes)
  2. Images
  3. Videos

We guess we need not to explain the above three types.

Different Types of Posts on Facebook


Basically for ads, this format lets you show up to 10 images/videos, headlines, and links and/or a call to action in a single post. This post a collection of different cards which the user get to scroll while viewing. This post is usually used by businesses to showcase their products and services they offer.


Facebook Carousel

But, breaking this stereotype, use these posts on Facebook to tell a story. Make them want more, and you’ve got your link-bait.


One of the most recent and most creative Posts on Facebook. Canvas, used for advertisements, is perfect for storytelling. It’s a full-screen advertisement, only for mobile users, which help brands to engage more users. Facebook is always looking to build a great user experience. This can be tapped with creative usage by the advertisers.

Imagine what all can an artist do if he’s given a blank canvas. Well, that’s what Facebook has provided you with.

facebook canvas

Many brands have already started using canvas for their advertisements. But at the same time, it is untapped by many. Use the first mover’s advantage and use canvas posts on Facebook for your advertisement.


So you have a product and you want to sell it to your Facebook audience?

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Make an attractive offer on Facebook and redirect the users to your website.

facebook offers


What if your target audience has a low bandwidth? And/or do they run a feature phone? Or do you not have a budget to shoot a video? Like always, Facebook has an alternative to solve your problems.


Slideshow is post type where you can create a video by selecting still images. Select/upload 3-7 still images (or select images from stock image library of Facebook), choose the length of your slideshow, and watch those images tell a story.

A good marketer should decide between video and slideshow based on what will have a maximum reach. If your target group doesn’t have an access to video posts/ads, what’s the use of spending on them?

Big companies like Coca Cola has used slideshow in countries like Nigeria and Kenya to raise awareness of the new season of their show, Coke Studio Africa. (Source)

facebook slideshows

Live Videos

Adding to the available options, Facebook lets you stream a real-time video. Unlike other video posts, this option is beneficial for known brands, pages with good follower base, public figures, or brands having connections with public figures.

Let them watch what they want. Answer their queries, engage with them, let them talk to their favorite star, let them hear your new single, all in real-time!

What else? You can use creative filters and tools to express yourself more creatively.

Find out the best time to post on social media.

Facebook Live video

360 Videos

Just like you, Facebook likes to follow the trend. And when that trend involves innovation, Facebook is always first in the line.

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The new technology in some phones and cameras lets you record all 360 degrees of a scene. Facebook has a new option to let users upload and view them online.

BEN-HUR – Chariot Race 360° videoBe a part of the chariot race. Explore the arena in this epic #BENHUR 360° video! #August19th

Posted by Ben-Hur Film on Thursday, 11 August 2016

Branded Content

So you don’t have many followers on Facebook? But you do have contacts with some public figures, influencers, media companies, or any other verified page on Facebook?


According to Facebook’s new policy, any influencer on Facebook can share content featuring a third party. This content is termed as a branded content.

But what’s the catch? The third party (basically, you) tagged, will get notified and will be able to see high level performance insights, such as reach and engagement for the post. They can also share and boost the post.

Learn more about influencers.

Branded content facebook

Instant articles

A great tool for publishers. Any page on Facebook can now sign up for instant article. You can submit your blog articles to Facebook and leverage it for instant reading on just one click by the user. That is – user doesn’t have to wait for your blog to load, rather your article is now a part of the Facebook app.

This results in creating of fast, interactive and responsive article by the publishers.

Instant article facebook

Not just on newsfeed, instant articles can also be shared through messenger.

Instant Articles Facebook

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