Quora Business Model | How does Quora Make Money?

A Q&A platform where your questions get answered by real humans; Quora’s business model is distinguished and is designed to stay in the market for very long.

Founded in 2009 by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, Quora is a questions and answered powered social media network with an estimated valuation of over $2 billion.

The startup still is growing at a 3 digit growth rate with the sole motive to generate the database of high-quality answers to questions asked by millions of its users.

But if you’re still unaware of what this giant is and how it works, here’s a brief –

What Is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer social media networking portal powered by user generated content where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users.

The company has positioned itself as an internet forum dealing in almost all the niches that exists.

Quora Business Model

Quora’s business model can be considered to be a mix of Facebook’s and Google’s business model.

It’s similar to Facebook because all of the content that’s there on the platform is user-generated. Moreover, the users also have the option to like, dislike, and share the content.  

It’s similar to Google in a way that the platform uses its own proprietary search and ranking algorithm that ranks the answers based on relevance that will increase the user experience.

Who Are Quora’s Customers?

Ever since the start, Quora operated on a two-sided user-generated questions and answers model. Hence, its target market is divided into two segments –

  • People who ask questions: They include curious internet users who are tech-friendly so as to use the website’s interface.
  • People who answer questions: They include subject experts and scholars from across the world.

How Quora Works?

Quora is an ordinary forum with an extraordinary relevance algorithm and an exceptional userbase. The company witnesses over 100 million monthly unique visitors where 82% of the users use a smartphone to visit the platform.

The company work in a way similar to other social media channels. The content is generated by users and others are available to view and read. However, it requires the users to login to the platform to post or vote.

The questions are automatically categorised under the appropriate topics called spaces that can be followed by the users. 

Moreover, just like Facebook and other social media networks, Quora also provides a personalised homepage-feed based on the user’s interests and activities on the platform. 

Quora’s Revenue Model

Started in 2009, Quora initially had no revenue earning source and actually survived on the venture capital it raised in the 4 rounds of fundings. Nevertheless, its valuation kept on increasing and Quora was valued at around $1.8 billion after its series D funding of $85 million.

quora funding

How Does Quora Make Money?

Just like any portal with a huge database of users and their interests, Quora has started earning money through advertisements. Started as a beta test by showing advertisements from limited advertisers, advertisements are now a lot more common on Quora.

quora business model promoted content

Quora has tried to incorporate ads in its revenue model better than others as it focuses on relevant ads from relevant advertisers. Ads are incorporated within the Quora revenue model so well that they look like a part of it.

You can find advertisements on the homepage as well as on the forum pages. The price that Quora charge for it is usually influenced by how many advertisers bid for the spot.

quora ads

Types Of Ads On Quora

Just like other networks, Quora also provide a wide range of marketing and advertising solutions to businesses. These include –

Text and Image Ads

Text ads were originally the only ad format used by Quora. It is still among the most used ad format as it fits perfectly within the answers.

Image ads, however, gives the advertiser an opportunity to stand out and even showcase the company logo alongside the ad image and caption text.

Business Profiles & Promoted Answers

Promoted answers are long-text form advertisements that lets the advertisers share detailed information about their offerings in a more engaging manner.

This helps the advertisers to establish thought leadership, grow top of the funnel awareness, and even execute their inbound marketing strategies.

Usually such promoted answers are written by brand accounts which are called business profiles by Quora. Such business profiles are, again, a paid feature offered by the company as it has a strict rule of using original full names for the accounts for the free users.

But, there are also cases where the brands use famous faces (brand ambassadors, employees, etc.) to write promoted answers on behalf of the company.

Advertising Solutions By Quora

Quora is at par with other social media channels when it comes to advertising. The company provides solutions where an ad can be targeted based on –

  • Context: Ads on content that’s relevant to specific topics, keywords, or questions.
  • Audience: Ads targeted to audience that match web traffic, lookalikes, or contact lists.
  • Behaviour: Ads based on user interest.

Moreover, the bidding on such ads is also as per the prevalent trends –

  • CPM: Cost per thousand impressions, to increase the impressions on the ads.
  • CPC: Cost per click, to get most visits on the landing pages.
  • CPA: Cost per action, to get most conversions.

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  1. Let’s see… they’ve received hundreds of millions in funding, they barely generate $20m / year, they have hundreds of employees with huge payroll and operating expenses and they have been found to censor people using political criteria. As of lately, they censor answers that document China’s mistakes in regards to the virus, the censorship coming straight from China. So… Quora is just a Trojan horse for manipulating the public’s opinion. That’s how they make money. They are getting paid to manipulate.

  2. Quora has many phoney questions and phoney answers.
    The reviewers have no training and cannot make the site useful.
    It is a total waste of time !

    • I agree 100%. It is a deeply biased California money maker out of the thin air.
      And most of it is phoney! It IS a total waste of time.

    • Yes Fred-The Questions are deliberate Baits.
      Quora has been overtaken by subversive agents-trolls etc.
      If you speak the truth they ban you.
      Yes Quora did this to me.
      They refuse to show my comments.
      Quora has become like Face Book and Google-You Tube- Once they grew-they – FAT- AND HAD MASSES-
      1 -Turn into a nasty globalist- and we can guess that they sell your data off- like Zuckerberg did- but promised he wouldn’t.
      Basically Quora has become just another globalist parasite-bleeding off data sales and advertising.
      Globalists have no respect for Privacy- All fat cat globalists-All in bed with China-
      Globalists- hate Nationalism and truth.
      China is raping local business world wide and globalists enabled it-In fact they are Traitors.
      For making such comments as I make now-I was banned from YOU-TUBE AND QUORA. Oh-Yes-They Censor truth exposure and any form of confrontation-
      They prefer BS and Lies and candy coating Bla Bla-which builds their data base.
      Look at all the many many white caucasian Paid Agents of China -singing the praises of Communist China- but they ignore the fact that China is stealing hard earned Tech-Intellectually property.
      China has entire Army style units devoted to Stealing IP -Ideas and Innovations.
      China has a whole army of paid Agents to sing their praises.
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      They buy up local media and local farmlands.
      They buy up your best companies-using the money you spend buying their junk-junk you do not need.
      For saying such things-You Tube and Quora banned me. Truth is censored. Why?
      Truth is powerful -it is energy and it is light-to set people free-so that they stop being slaves to Foreigners.
      Good Luck and thank you for Reading. R BARNDON.


Quora Business Model | How does Quora Make Money?

by Aashish Pahwa