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Quora Revenue Model | How does Quora make money?

Quora Revenue Model | How does Quora make money?
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A Wikipedia model where your questions actually get answered. Quora business model is distinguished and is designed to stay in the market for very long.  Founded in 2009 by two former Facebook employees,  Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, Quora is a question and answer portal where the content (questions, answers and edits) is created by the users themselves. Nevertheless, Quora revenue model is just a basic revenue through advertisements model which delivers ads to the users which are relevant to them.

With an estimated valuation of $1.8 billion, Quora is growing at a 3 digit growth rate. The sole motive of Quora is to generate the database of high quality answers to questions asked by millions of its users.

Quora Revenue Model

Quora is a simple Q&A portal where the content is created by the users and handled by the company. Quora focuses more on building a high quality knowledge base that remains useful forever and many features are introduced by the company to maintain the same. Features like merged questions, wikidata references, translations, Quora sessions etc. have been introduced to ensure user engagement at the website. Quora doesn’t require users to be logged in to use its features which add to the benefits of using the website.

Some facts about Quora:

Monthly active users – 190 million

Number of topics on Quora – 400,000

Percentage of Quora traffic that comes from mobile – 40%

Total number of questions asked (as per march 2017) – 13,304,529

Quora revenue model in the beginning

Started in 2009, Quora initially had no revenue earning source and actually survived on the venture capital it raised in the 4 rounds of fundings. Nevertheless, its valuation kept on increasing and Quora was valued at around $1.8 billion after its series D funding of $85 million.

quora funding

How does Quora earn money?

Just like any portal with a huge database of users and their interests, Quora has started earning money through advertisements. Started as a beta test by showing advertisements from limited advertisers, advertisements are now a lot more common on Quora.

quora business model promoted content

Quora has tried to incorporate ads in its revenue model better than others as it focuses on relevant ads from relevant advertisers. Ads are incorporated within the Quora revenue model so well that they looks like a part of it.

Could Quora end up with sponsored posts at the top of its pages?

Quora doesn’t want to compromise the mission of the company. It wants users to visit the portal to get the best answer to their questions and not a promoted content.

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  • Avatar Fred Silverton says:

    Quora has many phoney questions and phoney answers.
    The reviewers have no training and cannot make the site useful.
    It is a total waste of time !

    • Avatar Nick says:

      I agree 100%. It is a deeply biased California money maker out of the thin air.
      And most of it is phoney! It IS a total waste of time.

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