Facebook Ecosystem

Facebook is not just a social media platform, it’s an ecosystem. People come here to interact with their friends, families, and others. This ‘others’ is you, the marketers. Now, how you make them to make you an integral part of their ‘Online Life’ is a worthy question.But before answering that question, let us explain what exactly is Facebook Ecosystem.

Facebook Ecosystem

Facebook ecosystem, just like other ecosystems, is a system formed by the interaction of its users. Users consist of people as well as businesses.

Here you –

Build your Presence

It all starts with a Facebook page. Never create a Facebook profile for your business. You’re here to do business, not to make friends. Hence, even if you’re an individual artist, blogger, comedian, or a big company, start with a page. Facebook Page marks your presence on the network and puts you on the social graph. Make sure you mention everything correctly; your address, your type of business, and why you are here by stating it in your description.

Facebook pages have an upper hand over profiles, you get tons of social plugins and apps to use, and you can also check about their engagement and reach with the help of Graph API.

Your presence is your brand on Facebook. Make sure you represent what you want your identity to be.

Reach your Audience

There’s an obvious need to interact with others once you’re a part of the ecosystem. Hence you start to publish content on your page to get more fans. Develop your posts according to their interests and both your post and page reach will increase.

Reach can be of 3 types

Organic Reach

This is the free reach. You reach out to your fans and people who’ve liked your page. They see your updates on their newsfeed organically when you post.

Viral Reach

This happens when you post good stuff. People like, comment, and share your posts and this activity get showed on their friends’ newsfeed, even if they don’t like your page. This also happens when you boost (advertise) your post.

Paid Reach

Here you pay for your post reach. Your post reach is more, with more engagements and which result in more followers, eventually. Promoting your posts is easy to perform and to track on Facebook. You can reach audience with specified demographics.


Everyone wants to increase their reach. More reach means more traffic on their page, which eventually helps in building up of their brand. Pages can promote their page or posts to have a greater reach among their audience. There are also many organic techniques to increase the reach. All that is needed is just a bit research.

Facebook offers you benefits of both; social media network and marketing tool. Hence your creativity rules in this network. All you have to do is to find the correct audience.

Learn more about Facebook Business Model before moving ahead.


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