Facebook Marketing – How do Facebook Promotion, Advertisements and Boosted posts work

How does Facebook Promotion and Boosted posts work ? It’s a worthy question to ask in this era of social media marketing,

Promotion of your Facebook page/ website/ call to action button or Boosting a Facebook post is a great way to increase engagements with your target group and to increase your page likes/ website traffic/ event page traffic, etc. Promoted/Boosted posts reach to your page audience (regardless of their interests) and also to the people who don’t know about your page (but falls under your audience).

We’ve used promotion and boost interchangeably but there’s a difference between the two.

Promotion is paying to promote your Page/ website/ or your call to action button.

facebook promotion

facebook promotion

Boosting refers to boosting of a specific post reach. Boost a Facebook Post  when you create it or after it has been published (when you see a good response for an engaging Facebook post from the current audience and you want it to reach out to more).

facebook boost post

facebook boost post

Though different, both are a form of Advertising on Facebook.

Why should you Promote/boost on Facebook?

According to Facebook’s new Newsfeed Algorithm,organic reach of pages is dramatically reduced. Facebook, now, prefers more relevant feeds (like those from user’s family, friends, interests, etc.) to reach them rather than post from pages which user have no / less interest in (even though they’ve liked them). Hence, in order to reach more audience, you’ve got to shed some money.

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What to Promote

Anything that’s on your Facebook page can be promoted to the audience you want

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Post
  • Call to action button
  • Your Website liked to your Facebook page

Reasons to Promote on Facebook

There can be many Facebook advertising objectives, like

  • To carry out a Social media marketing campaign.
  • More traffic on your website.
  • To Create Brand Awareness.
  • Create awareness about the products and/or product offers your company is providing.
  • As a part of new marketing/advertising campaign.
  • To generate more leads (promotion of ‘sign up’ or other call to action button), etc.
  • More Application Installs
  • More Video Views

Different Facebook posts, according to the business objective, can be created and boosted on Facebook.

Procedure to Promote on Facebook

With over 1.7 billion users spread all over the world, Facebook has a unique form targeted advertising to offer. You can decide who you want your advertisement to reach and Facebook, just like Alladin’s Genie, fulfill your demands. Promoting your post, after you’ve selected your motive (as discussed above), will require you to specify these –


As already stated, Facebook uses targeted advertising so you can get most out of your investment. Hence, while promoting or boosting a post, you need to specify the demographics you want to reach.

Learn how Facebook use Whatsapp user data for its targeted advertisements. (link)

Demographics include your current audience and their friends (which is not advisable, as their friends may have different interests and your investment may not result in fruitful returns). Hence, it is advisable to choose the different option where you specify who you want to reach. You’ll get to specify –





of the target audience and Facebook will do the rest.


The best part of Facebook ads. You decide how much you want to spend and Facebook states how much it has to offer to you. That is, you decide how much you want to spend per day, and Facebook tells you the estimate reach you’ll get.

Learn more about reach in our article on Facebook environment (Link).


Apart from Facebook, it also uses its other platform, Instagram, to run your advertisements. You can deselect the option though (not recommended).

This is how a Promoted Post looks

promoted facebook post

promoted facebook post

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