Successful Branding Tips

Tips for Successful Branding

Tips for Successful Branding
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Branding is just like that special sauce of the famous burger you love to eat. It is important for the burger,  but just the sauce without the burger won’t do the job.

As it rightly said, “Good branding is at the heart of any good business”. It is the emotion that customers and potential customers feel when they experience your product or service.

Everyone wants there business to be noticed. Branding does the job by making you stand out. Here are certain tips to build up a nice brand.


Research as much as you can. You might already have the required information about your product. Now research the market. Research who will buy your product. The target demographics. What are their needs and wants? Where can you position your product in their mind? Will it fulfil their needs or wants, or will be a luxury. Study their brain. Do beta testing if need arise. Also know your competitors. Do the same process with your competitors’ products as well. Learn about them and try to position your product a bit differently than theirs, if possible.

Know the wants.

Ask yourself – what do you want your customer to think of you / your product?

Ask your potential customers – what do they want from you / your product?

Make sure your branding strategies fulfill these  wants.

Be Authentic.

Don’t fool around. Make an authentic brand and maintain its brand identity. The only truly defendable brand position is an authentic one. Don’t showcase yourself as someone you are not. Don’t be Nike when you’re woodland. And never ever think of fake branding (or fake promises). This will eventually backfire. We have so many examples of it.

Study your product. Make a brand that revolves around it.

Know Your Competition.

Know your competition. Know their branding strategy. Conduct a research as intensely as you did on your product. Research it both before and after you’ve set your branding strategy.
Is your product better than theirs? If yes, position it that way. If no, find some other way to position it. Suppose your product isn’t as good as the competitor’s but is priced less than theirs, position it as ‘the best in this price’. Well, you’re not lying right?

Unique Selling Proposition.

What’s your unique selling proposition? What is that quality of your product which can make your customers go mad about it? It can be more than one quality. It can be the idea or the product itself or the target group or the color, price, flavour, looks, emotion or the name. It can be anything. Just look at your product again and think which of its quality you would buy if you were a customer.

Know why you’re unique and tell this to your customers by building your brand around it.


Branding isn’t just the name, color or the logo. It’s who you are. It’s an emotion. Your brand should be simple. Brand should be simple and stated in simple words or terms. If it’s cool, keep it cool. Don’t make it complex.


Anything and everything you do should be consistent. Every brand should have the power to stay for long. Make it a part of your research to know about the latest trends and the trends which last for a long time. Any decision made without proper research could backfire. A viral trend today can be a history tomorrow. Plan accordingly. Make a brand that stays and stick with it. A frequent change in your brand identity can hamper your interests.

Know the Basic Terms

One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they brand their business/products without even knowing the basics. More than logo more than business card more than the name it’s the company’s voice. It’s you now. Don’t just be a salesperson. Know what your brand identity and brand image is and how they are different. Learn about brand positioning and how can you use it to benefit your business. Learn about Brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand equity, brand promise, personality, value etc.

Think Like a Customer

Your brand is for the customers. Get into their mind. Know what they want or what you can make them want? Think like a customer. What would have been your expectations and demands when you were provided with a product just like yours? Get to know those expectations and demands. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Be a bad customer to yourself. Criticize your product. Find the faults and then try to solve them.

Use Professional Help

We know you know everything on the inside. But sometimes it’s good to get some outside help as they know about the outside. Hire professionals. Even if you want to do branding yourself, work with them. Or if you’re adamant in doing it yourself, hire professionals to make you a logo and other art required to build your identity.

Successful Branding Tips

Successful Branding Tips

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