8 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile Application

Building a productive mobile application which stands out in the sea of similar applications is a big task. But promoting your application is an another uphill struggle which probably might never end as long as the application exists.

How can you market your mobile application better than the competition? How to build a brand for your mobile application? How to make the target market realise that you’re better than the other players?

…because if you don’t, you might get lost in the sea just like many others.

How To Promote Your Mobile App?

Here is a list of 8 Ways To Market Your Mobile App effectively and efficiently:

Build A Presentable Website And Invest In SEM

Suppose you created an application on face-recognition technology. Wouldn’t it be great if your website appears on the top of the search results when people search for the term ‘face-recognition’?

And what’s better than having a strategic website and a blog which explains the use of the technology and your mobile application and directs the visitors to places where they can download it?

Search engine marketing, content marketing, and other inbound marketing strategies help you gain many new users by building a brand for your application.

List Your Application Product Listing Websites

There are hundreds of websites with millions of users waiting to discover and try your new application. All you need to do is to list your application on such platforms. If your product has the ability to stand out, it’ll surely stand out on these platforms.

Here are few product listing websites where you can list your final or beta version of your application:

  1. Product Hunt
  2. Betalist
  3. Hacker News
  4. Betabound
  5. Preapps
  6. Androlib

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization is as important for applications as search engine optimization is for websites. What’s better to promote your mobile application than making it rank at the first position for the desired keyword?

App store optimization involves:

  • Naming your application in a strategic way
  • Using appropriate keywords
  • A description which triggers the target consumers to buy
  • Getting good rating and reviews.

There are many other factors local preference, number of downloads, the reputation of company, language etc. which decide your position for the keyword but the ones mentioned above are of utmost importance.

You can also target more than one app-store for your application.

Focus On Getting Reviews From Trusted Websites & Influencers

Websites like Android Central, Android Police, App Brain etc. offer free and paid review and promotion of your application. You can opt to get reviewed on these platforms as these websites influence the behaviour of millions of users and offer an in-depth review of your mobile app.

Don’t Ignore The Power Of Social Media Marketing

Another great marketing strategy is to engage with your target audience on social media. The best way to promote your application on social media is to address their problems in an medium which is most engaging. Go live on Facebook. Start real-time hashtag conversations on Twitter. Make infographics and pin it on Pinterest. Make industry relevant videos and post it on YouTube. Join hand with influencers and borrow their followership.

But most importantly, make sure all your social media profiles link to your mobile app.

Press Release

This is a costly mobile application promotion strategy. Nevertheless, a press release has a very wide reach. It’ll reach your target audience, bloggers, news channels, and other influencers at the same time.


Targeted advertisements work best when you have a target market oriented marketing strategy. Use Google Adwords to target keywords on play store and Google.com. Use Search Ads to run similar ads on App Store. Run a targeted advertisement on Facebook and Twitter to target the users of your competitor application, those who are interested in your niche, and other prospective users.

Plan An Affiliate Strategy

An affiliate program is a strategy where you offer your users, bloggers, or any third party a monetary or non monetary benefit for every person they refer to your application.

Many games including Candy Crush Saga use this strategy to increase its user-base.

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