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    Anuj Nawal

    Engineer by education. Writer by choice. I learn about new things by writing about them.

    The Startup Life Cycle

    By Anuj Nawal / June 23, 2018

    Every startup goes through a roller coaster of hits and misses. While riding this incredible roller coaster, most entrepreneurs get confused where their ride is heading. This article could work as a roadmap for you if you are already on this ride. How does a typical startup life cycle go about?   Ideation The ideation […]

    How To Choose The Right Business Model For Your Game?

    By Anuj Nawal / June 21, 2018

    If you are a game developer, choosing among the different game business models can be a bit of a fix. You probably are aware of premium and freemium games. But is that it? What if I told you there are 6 different ways you can build and monetize your game? The six types of game […]

    Duolingo Business Model | How Does Duolingo Make Money?

    By Anuj Nawal / June 10, 2018

    ‘If you’re not paying for it, you are the product’, a statement everyone in the data-driven internet market agrees upon. But is it possible to get services absolutely free without losing your data to a cloud-based Advertisement AI in the 21st century? Well, the chances are slim but Duolingo has managed to get it done. […]

    What Is A Business Incubator?

    By Anuj Nawal / June 2, 2018

    With startups booming in every fiscal year, business incubator is just another term budding entrepreneurs are getting more familiar with. Over a 1000 tech startups were added in 2017 to the ever-growing list of India’s technology startups, over 10,000 tech startups were registered in the UK in 2017, and the percentage of unicorns in China increased to over […]

    Twitch.tv Business Model | How Does Twitch Make Money?

    By Anuj Nawal / May 29, 2018

    With gaming industry booming every financial quarter, you wouldn’t disagree with me if I say this industry is going to hit gold soon. Current numbers suggest that 2.3 billion gamers will spend around 137.9 billion on games in 2018. E-sports have also garnered some mean traffic and the attendance of E-sports league never seems to […]

    The Math, Science, & Technology Behind Dynamic Pricing

    By Anuj Nawal / May 28, 2018

    Imagine this scenario: you want to buy a product from an e-commerce website, but after researching for the best product that fits your needs, you just put it in your wishlist/cart and don’t check out. A couple of minutes later, you find advertisements on your social media of the exact same product; you click on […]

    Did QR Codes Really Fail?

    By Anuj Nawal / May 20, 2018

    Do you wake up, watch the news and feel that you do not belong to this era? Is the society too primitive for you? Well, you are going to get a very relatable feeling from QR code’s story then. QR codes have been a hot topic for debate in the marketing world since their introduction […]