The 8 Best Platforms To Outsource Logo Design Services

By Ravpreet Kaur | Reviewed by Aashish Pahwa
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You already know the benefits of outsourcing logo design services and the value it brings to your brand. But, as the internet is flooded with countless platforms to outsource logo design, finding the most reliable and suitable options can be overwhelming.

It was when we were finding the logo designer for our projects we realised not all platforms are reliable and they do not serve every use case. For instance, if you are finding an industry expert or if you are finding a cost-effective logo designer, you need to head to different platforms for both the use cases. There is no fit for all platform out there. 

We understand that not all platforms are created equal, and each caters to different use cases. That's why we have meticulously vetted numerous platforms to present you with a well-curated list that will streamline your search and help you make an informed decision according to your needs.


  1. To get creative logo designers: 99Designs, “An ultimate platform for hiring creative experts who are pre-vetted and have extensive industry experience for custom logo design services.”
  2. Hire a budget-friendly logo designer quickly: Fiverr, “This platform offers quick and affordable logo design services. Clients can browse through a pool of logo designers, compare their portfolios, vet them thoroughly, and hire a designer that fits their budget and needs.”
  3. To get top-tier logo design services: Toptal, “An exclusive platform well-known in the industry to connect businesses with highly skilled and experienced logo designers.”
  4. To get 100s of logo designs from the community: DesignCrowd, “A platform where you can access the creative community, launch your project, and get logo designs from around the world within hours.”
  5. To get highly vetted logo designers: UpWork, “A reliable platform to hire pre-vetted experts with proven performance records from around the world or from a specific country. Designers have extensive skill sets to match the needs of different projects.”
  6. Largest logo design marketplace:, “An extensive platform with N number of logo designers that offer logo design services at varied prices even for micro niches, varying between $5 and $100 per hour depending on their skills, experience and even location. Find a designer that meets your needs and budget.”
  7. To get flexibility in terms of pricing and location: Guru, “A platform that lets businesses have an unparalleled level of freedom and choice to choose the individual logo designers or agencies that offer logo design services with extensive experience across different locations globally. The platform also allows the businesses to negotiate pricing directly with freelancers.”
  8. To hire logo designers on an hourly or project basis: PeoplePerHour, “A flexible platform that allows businesses to hire professionals on an hourly or project basis. Get access to each freelancer’s profile, and even access the add-on design services they provide.”

How Did We Find Platforms to Outsource Logo Design Services?

Finding the right platforms to outsource logo design services was a tough undertaking that that made us thoroughly research about the platforms and carefully evaluate them. Basically, we wanted to outsource our logo design service, and our primary objective was to find a cost-effective logo designer who could efficiently fulfil our requirements. 

However, navigating through a multitude of platforms to find the right one proved to be a challenging task. Nevertheless, after successfully securing a suitable logo designer, we compiled a comprehensive list of platforms that we believe are worth exploring for various use cases. We prepared this list of eight platforms to outsource logo design services after thoroughly vetting each platform based on the following key criteria:

  • Vetting Numerous Platforms: We gave significant time and effort to vet numerous platforms who specialise in logo design services. And through personally trying them, online directories, industry forums, and recommendations, we listed these eight potential platforms.
  • Compared Different Platforms: We conducted a detailed comparison of all the platforms. Factors we took into consideration to compare them, included pricing structures, design capabilities, turnaround times, and customer support.
  • Expertise Level Of Logo Designers: We also looked into the expertise and qualifications of the logo designers associated with each platform. Here we did not just rely on the information provided on the website, but we actually collaborated and vetted profiles from each platform to check their expertise level.
  • Platform's Reputation And Credibility: We delved into the reputation and credibility of the platforms by researching their industry experience, client retention rates, and overall market standing. This step helped us gain insight into how reliable and safe these platforms are to outsource logo design.
  • Client Feedback: Another thing that vitally helped in our decision-making process was understanding the experiences of previous clients who outsourced their logo design service on these platforms to different professionals. We explored online reviews given to each profile and sought direct feedback from a few people from our network who had utilised the logo design services from our shortlisted platforms.

Finally, based on the extensive vetting and evaluation process, we narrowed down our selection to the top eight platforms that emerged as the most promising options to us. These platforms demonstrated a combination of creativity, affordability, quality, and positive client experiences.

Recommended Platforms To Outsource Logo Design Services

99designs Platforms To Outsource Logo Design Services

To get creative logo designers


If you want a creative logo designer to get a custom logo designed for your business, 99designs can be of help.

The platform is known for its extensive pool of talented designers who specialise in creating unique and eye-catching logos for any type of business.

One of the notable features of 99Designs is its pre-vetting process, which ensures that the designers available on the platform have the necessary skills and industry experience. Outsourcing logo design services on 99design saves you time and effort in searching for qualified designers and helps you stay rest assured about your worth-it hiring.

Another opportunity that 99designs gives you is to launch a logo design contest on the platform where multiple designers submit their concepts for your project. You can provide feedback and collaborate with the designers to refine the logo designs until you find the perfect one. Besides, you also get access to a range of creative ideas.

Moreover, the platform provides a secure and user-friendly interface to facilitate communication between you and the logo designers to ensure a smooth collaboration process.

Overall, 99Designs is a go-to platform for you if you are seeking access to a diverse community of talented designers who can bring your brand vision to life.


Hire a logo designer quickly and at a low cost


When you want to hire a logo designer quickly and at an affordable price, Fiverr is a popular platform that offers logo design services. Fiverr is known to match you quickly and efficiently with a logo designer in a short time, making it an ideal choice for you if you need a logo on a tight timeline.

Fiverr has a vast pool of logo designers who offer their services at various price points, starting at $5 and ranging to $100. All you have to do is, go to the search option and type your exact search, including the niche you want your logo for. And you can browse through N number of profiles if present. But, one thing you need to take care of while working with Fiverr is you need to vet and examine the logo designer before hiring them to make your hiring worth it.

You can go to each logo designer’s profile, view their portfolios, skills, and previous client reviews, and vet them thoroughly to make an informed decision.

Fiverr provides a user-friendly interface where you can communicate directly with the logo designer, discuss your requirements, and provide feedback throughout the design process. Besides you can also request revisions or modifications to the logo design within the agreed-upon scope of the project.

Plus, Fiverr has its own AI logo-making tool, which makes a logo for you with your few inputs. So, if you want a basic logo, you can try Fiverr’s free logo maker.

Overall, Fiverr is an excellent platform for you if you seek to hire a logo designer quickly and reasonably.


Toptal - Platforms To Outsource Logo Design Services

To get top-tier logo design services


Toptal is a renowned platform that connects businesses with highly skilled and experienced logo designers. So, if you are looking to obtain top-tier logo design services and have big pockets to afford the top 3% of experts in the world, Toptal can be your help.

Toptal has this reputation in the industry that they only have top-tier logo designers who possess exceptional skills and expertise. Unlike other platforms where you can outsource logo design, Toptal has a rigorous screening process in place to ensure that only the best logo designers are accepted into their talent network. It's true that they only hire handpicked professionals since 97% of applicants fail their screening process.

The platform offers a personalised matching service that pairs you with logo designers specifically suited to your unique project requirements. They also provide you with a dedicated project manager who assists in the hiring process and ensures smooth communication and collaboration between you and the logo designer.

Overall, on Toptal, you can expect to work with highly skilled industry expert professionals who deliver exceptional logo designs to elevate your brand.


To get 100s of logo designs from the community


If you want 100s of designs for just one project and choose one logo design from them, tap into the creative community of  DesignCrowd, and the platform will provide you with exactly that.

All you have to do is, launch your logo design project by outlining your requirements, brand vision, and any specific design preferences. Once your project is live, designers from the DesignCrowd community will submit their logo designs to compete for your project. You can expect to receive logo design submissions from a wide range of talented designers from across the globe.

This approach to get your logo designed through a contest gives you an advantage to access various design ideas, styles, and perspectives from designers with different backgrounds and experiences.

You can provide feedback, request revisions, and communicate directly with the designers to further refine the logo designs throughout the project.

At the end of the project, you can select the logo design that best aligns with your brand and vision.

Overall, DesignCrowd is a platform that allows you to tap into the creative community and receive a multitude of logo designs for your project. By leveraging crowdsourcing, you can expect to receive a diverse range of design options and select the logo design that best represents your brand.

Upwork Platforms To Outsource Logo Design Services

To get highly vetted logo designers


When you want to hire highly vetted logo designers with proven performance records, Upwork is the go-to platform. It helps you connect with top-notch professionals from around the world.

Upwork boasts a vast and diverse talent pool of logo designers from around the world. With thousands of professionals to choose from, you have the opportunity to find a logo designer who perfectly matches your project requirements and aesthetic preferences.

In fact, Upwork offers a personalised matchmaking service to connect you with the most suitable logo designers. All you have to do is, opt for the talent scout service on Upwrok and give a comprehensive understanding of your project needs, including industry, style, and brand vision, and Upwork suggests designers who align with your requirements, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

Moreover, if you want to choose a logo designer on your own, you can go to the suggested logo designer’s profile and explore each profile’s skills, experience, and client ratings. You can review their past projects, examine client feedback, and assess their overall performance to make an informed decision about the best designer for your logo.

Overall, Upwork is an exceptional platform to outsource logo design services. With an extensive talent pool, proven expertise, personalised matchmaking, transparent profiles, efficient communication tools, secure payments, and flexible engagement options, Upwork ensures a seamless and successful logo design collaboration.


Largest logo design marketplace is one of the oldest players in the freelance platform and, thus, is the largest marketplace that hosts many logo designers, providing businesses with a wide range of options to choose from.

The logo designers at offer logo design services at varied prices, accommodating different budget ranges. You can find logo designers who offer their services at affordable rates starting at $5 and those with higher price points, like $100.

You can browse through this vast pool of logo designers and review each one's profiles, portfolios, ratings, and client reviews to assess their skills and expertise.

On the platform, you can post a project with your logo design requirements and receive bids from interested logo designers. This bidding process ensures you have access to designers willing to work within your budget.

Additionally, allows you to set up contests where multiple logo designers can submit their designs for your project, giving you a variety of options to choose the logo.

Overall,'s extensive reach and global network allow you to find logo designers from different countries and with diverse backgrounds, providing a wide range of design perspectives and ideas on a budget.

guru Platforms To Outsource Logo Design Services

To get flexibility in terms of pricing


If you want the freedom and choice to choose the individual logo designers or agencies that offer logo design services with extensive experience, Guru is the platform that provides you with exactly that.

Moreover, the platform allows you to negotiate the pricing directly with the freelancer or the agency and come to a mutually agreeable pricing point. Plus,  you can view the profiles and portfolios of logo designers or agencies and assess their skills, experience, and past work.

In addition to it, to make your search easy, you can add the filters of location (city, state, and country) and budget to narrow down your search and meet designers that perfectly match your needs.


Thus, this diverse selection ensures that you can find a designer or agency that suits your budget and requirements in the best way.

Overall, Guru hosts a wide range of logo designers and agencies, which gives you the flexibility to filter pricing options, negotiate rates, and choose the perfect match that precisely meets your specific needs.


To hire logo designers on an hourly or project basis


If you have specific project needs and you want to hire a logo designer on an hourly basis or on a defined project basis, PeoplePerHour is a go-to platform for you to get logo design services.

PeoplePerHour provides a transparent system where you can view each freelancer's profile, which includes their skills, expertise, previous work completed, samples, and client feedback, to make an informed decision.

Whether you need a logo designer for a specific project or ongoing design support on an hourly basis, PeoplePerHour offers the flexibility to accommodate your needs. In addition to logo design services, each profile on PeoplePerHour has a section of add-on services which you can opt for it if you need additional design offerings beyond logos.

Overall, PeoplePerHour is an excellent platform for you if you seek flexibility in hiring logo designers. Whether you require their services on an hourly basis or for specific project requirements, PeoplePerHour provides access to a diverse pool of logo designers with whom you can collaborate to achieve your desired outcomes.