The 8 Best Sites To Outsource Photo Editing

By Ravpreet Kaur | Reviewed by Aashish Pahwa
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In the world of digital imagery, achieving picture-perfect results often demands more than just a click of the camera. It requires a keen eye for detail, artistic eyes, and, sometimes, a touch of technological wizards too.

But, as most of the businesses get the photo shoots done, they can’t get far with the editing work, as not all companies have a professional team of editors. However, here is where they opt to outsource photo editing and get it done professionally.

But, outsourcing photo editing work can be challenging, particularly when it comes to identifying service providers that deliver the highest quality. Ensuring that these platforms feature professionals who can guarantee quality is paramount for most companies. To address these concerns, we have carefully curated a select list of eight platforms where you can confidently outsource your photo editing tasks.


  1. To find editing experts from different regions of the world: UpWork, “Another freelance platform that connects users with editors from all over the world. Users can post your project, receive bids from qualified freelancers, and choose the best one for their needs. Users can also communicate and collaborate with the editor through the platform.” 
  2. To find freelancer editors for quick and easy editing tasks: Fiverr, “A freelance marketplace where users can find and hire editors for any kind of photo editing task, from background removal to colour correction to special effects. Users can browse through thousands of gigs, compare prices and reviews, and finish their work quickly and affordably.” 
  3. To access professional editors: Toptal, “A platform that connects users with the top 3% of Photoshop experts in the world. Their rigorous screening process ensures only the best and most reliable editors join their network. Users can tell them their project requirements, and they will match users with the best editor for the job.”
  4. To find varied options of editors at lower prices:, “A freelance marketplace, but with a larger pool of freelancers and lower fees. Users can post their projects, set their budgets, and receive competitive bids from editors. Users can also browse through contests and portfolios to find the best match for their projects.”
  5. To Hire Editors On Hourly Basis: PeoplePerHour, “A platform that allows users to hire editors on an hourly basis. Users can search for editors by skill, location, rating, and price and contact them directly. Users can also post an offer and let editors apply to their projects. Users can track the progress and pay for the work through the platform.”
  6. To get professional wedding photography and editing service:, “A photo editing service provider that offers a range of services for different types of photography, such as portrait, wedding, product, jewellery, and more. Users can upload their photos, specify their requirements, and get them professionally edited within 24 hours.”
  7. To outsource professional photo editing agency: Pixelz, “A photo editing agency that combines AI and human experts to deliver high-quality image retouching for e-commerce and other purposes. Users can submit your images, choose their editing options, and get them back in as little as one hour.”
  8. To get precise picture manipulation in Models’ photoshoots: FixThePhoto, “A company that specialises in beauty and fashion photo retouching. They can enhance the skin, hair, makeup, body shape, and clothing of models, as well as adjust colours, lighting, and background. They have a team of experienced retouchers who can handle any level of complexity.”

How Did We Find These Platforms To Outsource Photo Editing?

We wanted to find the best-in-class platforms to outsource photo editing that cater specifically to outsource photo editing and save you time and effort. 

So, with first-hand experience of trying these platforms and outsourcing the photo editing work on a few of them, we are here with eight platforms that excel in this field. Here’s an overview of how we went about to find these tools:

  • Niche Focus: We started by searching for platforms that specialise in photo editing services. While numerous platforms offer a wide array of freelance photo editing services, we picked those that prioritise photo editing as their core expertise.00
  • Quality Assurance: To ensure the highest standards of quality, we delved into the qualifications and experience of the photo editors available on these platforms and the tools they excel at. We sought platforms to outsource photo editing and agencies that took this work and boasted the skilled professionals with a track record of delivering exceptional results.
  • Service Range: We considered the breadth and depth of services each platform or agency offers. Our aim was to curate a list of the platforms that encompassed a wide spectrum of photo editing needs, from basic retouching to complex enhancements.
  • User Feedback: To gauge the overall satisfaction of the customers from using this tool, we considered customer reviews and testimonials. So, valuable insights from users who have utilised these platforms for their photo editing requirements played a pivotal role in our selection process. 
  • Competitive Advantage: To examine if the users can depend on these platforms or not, beyond quality and service range, we examined additional factors.  We checked other important factors, like pricing, turnaround times, user-friendliness, customer support, security measures, and reliability. Our goal was to identify platforms that excelled in these areas so that they get a seamless experience. 

At the end of our search, following this diligent evaluation process, we arrived at a curated list of eight platforms that not only met but exceeded our criteria for outsourcing photo editing. 

Recommended Tools To Outsource Photo Editing

Upwork - Tools To Outsource Photo Editing

To find editing experts from different regions of the world


Imagine you are working on some projects with visual content that need the cultural touch of a particular region from anywhere in the world, or if you want to find just the experts and you want to keep no geographical boundaries in between, you can search for experienced photo editors according to your requirements on Upwork. 

On Upwork, you can navigate through a myriad of profiles to discover photo editors who specialise in your specific needs. So, when you want to find the perfect match for your needs, you can do that in two ways. 

First, you can post your project requirements and add filters of skills, languages, and geographical locations to pinpoint your ideal match. As this post will be visible to the relevant freelancers from various regions, they will submit proposals tailored to your editing needs. From there, you can select the most suitable candidate and embark on a collaborative journey.

However, if you do not want to get spammed with the proposals and do not want to filter out things yourself but want someone to do it for you, you can go for the Talent Scout Program. You will be assigned specialised recruiters who will understand your needs and will help you find the editor to outsource photo editing work in reliable hands.


To find freelancer editors for quick and easy editing tasks


When you want to find freelance editors for those quick and hassle-free photo editing tasks from professionals but at lower prices, your go-to platform is Fiverr.  

Fiverr works on this unique feature called “Gigs”, so when you want to post a job, you have to create a job posting “Gig” with an adequate job description. And after you post these jobs, the freelancers will approach you with their proposals while highlighting their skills. 

However, as Fiverr is a pocket-friendly place to outsource photo editing tasks, you do not have to compromise with the quality. 

So, to get the best editor by your side, you can evaluate all the profiles and check the reviews that each Fiverr freelancer’s profile has. This will help you get matched with the most competitive photo editor at the best price who can also do the easy tasks with less or no quick turnaround time. 

Besides, if you need any assistance with finding the right freelance photo editor, you can contact their customer service executive to get reliable help and answers to all the questions. 

Toptal - Tools To Outsource Photo Editing

To access professional editors


When you want to work with the most cream editors in the industry, you can head to Toptal, which will stand as your premier destination for you.

So, on Toptal, you will not just be able to outsource the photo editing tasks. Instead, it will serve as a gateway for you to select the top-tier editing experts who have been rigorously screened to deliver exceptional results.

TopTal has always kept its screening process so stringent that only 3% of the professionals get to crack this. This means you gain access to an exclusive pool of editors who are experts in their craft.

Toptal markets itself as a custom-matcher who matches you with editors who possess the precise skills and expertise required for the project. 

The greatest perk of TopTal is, as you hire the editor, they bring a wealth of experience to ensure your editing projects are not only flawless but also delivered promptly.

Moreover, If you seek a more personalised approach, Toptal offers dedicated account managers who can assist in finding the perfect professional editor for your specific needs.


To find varied options of editors at lower prices

As is one of the oldest freelancing marketplaces, you can always satisfy your editing needs. You can always find a wide array of options for freelance photo editors without breaking the bank on this versatile platform. offers a diverse pool of editors, each with their unique skills and pricing structures. This ensures you find the right fit for your project at a budget-friendly rate. 

So, when you want to post a job on, it allows different freelancers to bid on your project. However, as the platform has a competitive bidding process, it often results in lower prices as freelancers compete to get your project.

Moreover, you have the power to set your budget for editing tasks. accommodates a wide range of budgets and freelancers with different skill sets, ensuring you can find an editor who meets your financial constraints and needs simultaneously.

Plus, as the platform is quite wide, you might receive a number of applications. So, to ensure that you are choosing the right applicant, you must diligently evaluate the applications and interview applicants to get the best 

PeoplePerHour - Tools To Outsource Photo Editing

To Hire Editors On An Hourly Basis


When you have little tasks for which you think you need editors to work on your projects by the hour, PeoplePerHour is your dedicated destination for flexible and budget-friendly solutions.

Whether you need quick edits or ongoing assistance, this platform has you covered. PeoplePerHour offers a wide selection of freelance editors ready to work on an hourly basis. 

Moreover, even though you can work on an hourly basis, you still can search for editors based on various criteria such as skill, location, rating, and price. This tailored approach, in price, ensures you find the perfect match for your editing needs without compromising on quality or budget.

So, if you require editors for a short-term project or ongoing support, PeoplePerHour offers the flexibility to hire professionals on an hourly basis. Moreover, while working on PeoplePerHour with a particular editor, you can also convert the hourly project into a fixed project.

To Get A Professional Wedding Photography And Editing Service

A photo editing agency that has been offering a wide range of photo editing services for more than two decades now, out of which they have been best with wedding pictures. You can get a wide range of wedding photo editing services, including culling, colour correction, light balancing, exposure adjustment, contrast enhancement, vibrancy enhancement, retouching, and background removal. 

Besides, they also offer a variety of packages so that they can fit into any of your budget and needs.

They have a team of experienced photographers and editors who will work with you to understand your vision for your wedding photos. They will then use their skills and expertise to create images that are both beautiful and authentic.

Moreover, apart from wedding pictures, if you want to get photos in bulk edited for your brand, agency or company, you can head to WeEdit.Phto to outsource photo editing work and get quality work on time. 
Pixelz - Tools To Outsource Photo Editing

To Outsource A Professional Photo Editing Agency


When it comes to outsourcing photo editing work, Pixelz is a standout agency known for its remarkable features and benefits that cater to your unique editing needs. You can expect your pictures to be edited and delivered to you in as little as 1 hour’s time. 

To offer you top-tier editing quality and consistency in their work, they employ AI-powered image retouching technology as the cornerstone of their service. So even when they are editing the images in bulk, they deliver quality work in little turnaround time. 

As an agency that understands you can have different requirements, they offer a range of photo editing levels, from fundamental tasks like background removal and retouching to more creative manipulations and clipping paths. 

So their best part is their versatility, that caters to different client demands and budgets. Plus, with an unwavering commitment to efficiency, they also boast an impressive turnaround time to ensure project delivery stays on schedule.  


To Get Precise Picture Manipulation In Models’ Photoshoots


A team of experienced photographers and editors who know how to get the best out of your photos. They offer a wide range of photo editing services, including portrait retouching, wedding photography editing, body retouching, newborn photography editing, product photography editing, jewellery photography editing, and photo manipulation on a completely different level that actually manipulates the pictures and get you its best version.

While editing the pictures, they edit each section of the photo. So, if they are retouching a model’s photoshoot, they’ll retouch the picture to enhance body shapes, remove all unwanted imperfections, and edit or even recreate the skin texture, making your models look realistically edited.

The ordering process with FixThePhoto is simple and straightforward. You just need to upload your photos, write your requirements, and wait for the edited photos to be delivered to you. Besides, they are one in the industry that charges lower prices for best editing.