8 Best Drop Servicing Websites To Hire Freelancers

By Ravpreet Kaur | Reviewed by Aashish Pahwa
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Offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to generate profits without the need for inventory or significant capital, drop servicing has emerged as a game-changing business model lately.

It's a trend that has skyrocketed in popularity, with an astonishing 40,000 searches and a surge of 1200% year-over-year growth. This digital-age rush has been fueled by the  gig economy, improved internet connectivity, and the presence of prominent drop-servicing websites that help you hire people to help you in your drop-servicing business growth.

But, what exactly is drop servicing

Drop servicing is an online  business model where a merchant sells the service to a client but hires experts or outsources the work to agencies to fulfil the order.

The brilliance lies in the fact that your clients remain unaware that someone else is executing the tasks. You become the director of the entire story directing the entire operation behind the scenes, profiting from the margin between what you charge your clients and what you pay your freelancers.

For instance, imagine you have a talent for graphic design, and you start your own business offering logo designs to people. But instead of creating all the logos yourself, you hire skilled designers (at a lower cost than what you actually take from the client) to do the actual work while you handle client communication and project management. It's like being the director of a creative team, delivering top-notch designs without personally doing all the design work. That's drop servicing in action!

Exciting, isn't it?

So, discover the potential of drop servicing through various platforms that connect you with a diverse range of freelancers. Whether you seek budget-friendly options, top-notch talent, even platforms for conducting contests, or other variations, these drop-servicing websites offer a gateway to finding the perfect team members to elevate your business and cater to your specific needs.


  1. To Hire Freelancers In Limited Budget: Fiverr, “A prominent platform for budget-friendly freelancer hiring, offering a wide array of services across categories, giving entrepreneurs access to affordable talent. Users can navigate a vast pool of freelancers, compare offerings, and select professionals that align with their needs.”
  2. To Hire Freelancers With Geographical Filters: Upwork, “An ideal solution for entrepreneurs seeking freelancers based on particular geographical location. With advanced search options, the platform facilitates the discovery of professionals from specific regions, making it advantageous for location-specific projects or when working with freelancers from particular areas.”
  3. To Hire 3% Of Top Talent For Important Projects: TopTal, “A dedicated service provider platform with a stringent screening process that admits only the top 3% of freelancers which makes it one of the best drop servicing websites to hire freelancers for critical projects requiring top-tier talent.”
  4. To Get Creative Designers: 99Designs, “A specialised platform that hosts a diverse community of talented designers. Whether entrepreneurs require logos, website designs, video editors, or other visual assets, 99Designs offers a competitive environment to connect with skilled designers capable of bringing their visions to life.”
  5. To Get Maximum Value At Minimum Cost: Guru, “A comprehensive platform offering a wide range of services across various categories, which enables entrepreneurs to compare different freelancers based on their expertise, rates, and reviews. With Guru, entrepreneurs can find cost-effective solutions for their drop servicing projects without compromising on quality”
  6. To Hire People On Hourly Basis: PeoplePerHour, “An efficient drop servicing website that facilitates the search for freelancers offering services based on hourly rates, offering flexibility in project management and cost control.”
  7. To Build A Dedicated Remote Workforce:Outsourcely, “An invaluable platform to build a dedicated remote workforce in drop servicing that connects entrepreneurs with full-time remote workers for exclusive and project collaboration for long term projects.”
  8. If Your Clients Want Too Many Options:  Freelancer.com, “A platform that offers the freedom to explore multiple options and leverage crowdsourcing, enabling entrepreneurs to receive input from experts worldwide and present a variety of work samples to clients. Besides, entrepreneurs can choose the freelancers that best suit their drop servicing needs, ensuring optimal outcomes for their projects.”

How Did We Find These Drop Servicing Websites

Finding the best drop-servicing websites wasn't an easy task. It was a rigorous process that involved evaluating each platform based on various criteria.

During our testing, we discovered that all these websites cater to different categories and use cases. This made us realise each platform has its own unique strengths and specialities.

You must head to different platforms when you want to hire an expert for an important project, host a contest to outsource content or hire cost-effective freelancers.

We wanted to ensure that our list covered a wide range of requirements and preferences. So, we carefully selected these eight drop servicing websites to provide you with a comprehensive array of options on a few criteria.

  • Evaluated Each Platform: To gather firsthand experience and insights, we subjected each platform. this allowed us to use the platform, access the user interface, examine their features, check the reliability, and customer support.
  • Seek Trials:  As we tried each shortlisted platform, it allowed us to segregate each platform on the basis of which platform can help you find what kinds of freelancers. For example, we explored freelancer.com and realised it is great to host contests, toptal is best when you need only the experts, similarly, Upwork allows you to hire people with geographical preferences and more.
  • Checked For Cost-Effectiveness: We carefully considered each platform's pricing model. This helped us identify the payment structure, whether the work is billed on an hourly basis, whether they have a flat charge or allow for negotiations or not, to ensure every entrepreneur with different budgets can find the perfect match for their project without compromising on quality.
  • Reliable Support: We know that questions and issues can arise during the drop servicing journey. That is why we tried including the platforms that provide robust customer support, offering assistance and resolving queries promptly.
  • Access Quality Assurance: Quality is paramount when it comes to drop servicing. We handpicked platforms that prioritise quality assurance measures, ensuring that freelancers deliver exceptional work. From reviews and ratings to portfolio showcases, these platforms provide transparency and accountability.

Recommended Platforms To Outsource Logo Design Services

Fiverr Best Drop Servicing Websites To Hire Freelancers

To Hire Freelancers In Limited Budget


The go-to platform for hiring freelancers on a limited budget. As a prominent platform in the industry, Fiverr provides entrepreneurs like you the access to a diverse range of service providers on a freelance basis across various categories, all at affordable rates.

With Fiverr, you can:

  • Browse through a wide range of skills and expertise in 600 categories ensuring you find the perfect match for your project, even if it is micro-niche specific.
  • Compare different freelancers based on their portfolios, ratings, and reviews. This enables you to make an informed decision and choose the right professional who aligns with your specific requirements.
  • Find freelancers for your drop-servicing business at competitive rates. This allows you to stay within your limited budget while still receiving high-quality work.
  • Collaborate directly with freelancers on Fiverr to discuss your project details, set expectations, and ensure that the final deliverables meet your exact needs.
  • Benefit from a secure payment system that protects both you and the sellers. You can have peace of mind knowing that your funds are protected until you are satisfied with the final outcome.

Overall, Fiverr empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses like you to harness the power of freelance talent without compromising on quality or budget and work seamlessly with your drop servicing clients. It's a reliable platform that opens up endless possibilities for achieving your project goals and driving your business forward.


To Hire Freelancers With Geographical Filters


An ideal solution for you if you are looking to hire freelancers based on specific geographical locations for your drop servicing business. With its advanced search options, the platform makes it easy to discover professionals from specific regions, providing a distinct advantage for location-specific projects or when collaborating with freelancers from particular areas.

With Upwork, you can:

  • Find freelancers based on their geographical location. This ensures that you can hire professionals who are available and familiar with the specific region or market you're targeting.
  • Hire freelancers for location-specific projects that requires the freelancer to understand the nuances and dynamics of your desired location. This is especially beneficial for projects that require localised knowledge or cultural understanding.
  • Leverage the regional network, their unique skills and perspectives to enhance your projects and expand your reach.
  • Ensure seamless project management, safely sharing data files and tracking progress, to ensure smooth and efficient project management even with remote teams.

Overall, Upwork's geographical filters empower you to find the right freelancers for your projects based on location, enabling effective collaboration, localised expertise, and global expansion.

Toptal - Best Drop Servicing Websites To Hire Freelancers

To Hire 3% Of Top Talent For Important Projects


A premier platform to hire elite freelancers, known for its exclusive network of top-tier talent. With a meticulous screening process that admits only the top 3% of freelancers, Toptal ensures you access to exceptional professionals across various industries. Whether you need software developers, designers, finance experts, or other specialists, Toptal provides a curated selection of highly skilled freelancers for your critical projects.

With TopTal, you can:

  • Have access to highly skilled professionals who have been vetted for their expertise and experience. you can head to this drop-servicing outsourcing platform to hire exceptional talent.
  • Find specialists with expertise in various areas, including but not limited to software development, design, finance, and more. This ensures that you can find the perfect match for your critical project requirements.
  • Stay confident in the quality of freelancers available on the platform and about their deliverables. Each professional undergoes a thorough evaluation, including technical assessments and interviews, in which 97% of people fail and only 3% get to secure a position as a freelancer in the platform.
  • Easily coordinate tasks, provide feedback, and ensure that your critical projects are executed with precision and efficiency using their project management tools and communication channels.
  • Always obtain dedicated support regarding the freelancer working on your project. Their team is available to assist with any questions or concerns, helping you navigate the process of hiring top talent for your important projects.

Overall, when it comes to hiring the top 3% of freelancers, TopTal stands out as one of the best drop servicing websites. With their exceptional pool of talent and commitment to quality, you can trust TopTal to deliver outstanding results for your most important ventures.


To Get Creative Designers


A treasure trove of creative designers ready to bring your visions or creative ideas to life. This is a specialised drop-servicing website to hire freelancers that boast a diverse community of talented individuals skilled in logo design, website creation, video editing, and more.

Whether you need captivating visual assets for blogs, videos, podcasts, marketing needs for your brand or an eye-catching website, 99Designs provides a competitive environment where you can connect with skilled designers who can deliver exceptional results for your clients.

With 99Design, you can:

  • Access a wide range of talented designers who specialise in various creative fields such as logo design, website design, video editing, and more. You can tap into this creative pool to find designer freelancers for your varied projects.
  • Personalise your brand, sharing the high-quality designs with your clients received from these professional designers. It'll exude professionalism and enhance the overall perception of your business, also instilling trust and confidence in your clients.
  • Host design contests to receive a multitude of design concepts and options, that will give you the opportunity to select the best design that aligns with your vision and resonates with your client’s needs.

Overall, whether you need a new logo, a stunning website, or engaging visual content for any of your marketing needs, 99Designs provides a platform where you can connect with talented designers and make them bring the creative ideas of your clients to life.

Guru Best Drop Servicing Websites To Hire Freelancers

To Get Maximum Value At Minimum Cost


When it comes to finding cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality for your drop servicing projects, you can always head to Guru. This comprehensive platform is designed to connect entrepreneurs like you with talented freelancers from various fields

On Guru, you gain access to a wide range of services and allowance to compare freelancers based on their expertise, rates, and reviews. By taking the help of this platform you can hire a dedicated remote team for your drop servicing website.

With Guru, you can:

  • Access to diverse skills and expertise for your drop servicing projects. Whether you require web development, content writing, graphic design, or any other service, Guru offers a wide array of freelancers with specialised skills in various domains.
  • Access freelancers who offer competitive rates, save costs while still receiving quality work, and maximise your profit on your drop servicing business.
  • Enjoy this user-friendly platform to have seamless communication, share files safely, and manage projects efficiently. This streamlines collaboration with freelancers and saves you enough time to ensure an efficient workflow.
  • Evaluate freelancers based on their expertise, rates, and client reviews, which empowers you to make informed decisions and select the best professionals for your projects. This ensures you find the most suitable freelancers who can deliver high-quality work, and you can deliver the best quality work to your client while profiting efficiently from this entire process.
  • Cultivate long-term partnerships with reliable freelancers on Guru. Establishing strong professional connections allows you to work with trusted freelancers consistently, ensuring continuity, reliability, and consistent quality results for your drop-servicing business.

Overall, Guru brings convenience, affordability, and expertise to your table, empowering you to find the right freelancers for your drop-servicing business. With a diverse talent pool, cost-effective solutions, and seamless collaboration, Guru ensures that you can deliver exceptional services to your clients and drive the success of your business.


To Hire People On Hourly Basis


A convenient drop servicing website that caters to entrepreneurs like you seeking freelancers on an hourly basis. PeoplePerHour provides a platform where you can explore a wide range of freelancers offering services based on hourly rates. This allows for greater flexibility in project management and cost control.

With PeoplePerHour, you can:

  • Find freelancers who offer their services on an hourly basis. Thus, you can have the flexibility to hire freelancers for specific durations and manage costs effectively. This allows you to have greater control over your project timelines.
  • Utilise PeoplePerHour's tools to streamline project management, as they allow you to track hours worked, set milestones, and communicate with freelancers to ensure efficient workflow and timely completion of tasks.
  • Adjust the scope and duration of projects as needed. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing requirements, scale your workforce, and optimise resource allocation.
  • Control the cost. In the drop servicing business, the most important thing is cost efficiency, which you can achieve by paying hourly freelancers for their actual hours worked. This can be particularly beneficial for projects with fluctuating workloads or for entrepreneurs on a limited budget.

Overall, PeoplePerHour offers a convenient solution for entrepreneurs, like you who require the flexibility of hiring freelancers on an hourly basis. With access to a diverse pool of talent and the ability to manage projects effectively, you can optimise your resources and achieve your drop servicing business goals.

Outsourcely Best Drop Servicing Websites To Hire Freelancers

To Build A Dedicated Remote Workforce


When you are running a drop-servicing business and seeking to work remotely with a team of full-time freelancers, Outsourcely is the platform that can fulfil your needs for full-time remote workers to work for your drop-servicing website.

With Outsourcely, you can:

  • Tap into a vast talent pool of dedicated remote workers who are committed to working with you on a long-term basis. This allows you to build a stable and reliable team that aligns with your business goals and objectives.
  • Establish exclusive partnerships with remote workers who are dedicated to your projects. By working closely with the same team members over an extended period, you can foster strong working relationships, enhance communication, drive productivity and always deliver consistent and same-quality results to your clients.
  • Have the flexibility to scale your remote workforce as your drop-servicing business grows. Whether you need to expand your team or add specialised skills to the team, the platform provides the resources to meet your evolving needs.
  • Benefit from the dedicated support this platform offers to help you navigate the process of building and managing your remote workforce. Their team is available to assist with onboarding, troubleshooting, and any other concerns you may have along the way.

Overall, Outsourcely empowers you to build a dedicated remote workforce that can support your drop-servicing business effectively. By connecting with full-time remote workers and fostering exclusive collaboration, you can achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and long-term success.


If Your Clients Want Too Many Option


In your drop-servicing business, if you are catering to clients who seek a wide range of options, Freelancer.com is the ideal platform, here to help you meet their demands.

This platform not only allows you to hire freelancers but also allows you to tap into crowdsourcing and host contests to gather input from experts around the world to serve your clients from the drop-servicing website.

With Freelancer.com, you can:

  • Host contests and gather ideas and inputs from a global network of experts. This will enable you to present a variety of creative solutions and work samples to your clients, which will enhance the overall quality and creativity of your deliverables.
  • Explore global talent by crowdsourcing work from this diverse community of freelancers around the world. This provides you with ample options to find the perfect freelancers for your different drop-servicing projects.
  • Take advantage of Freelancer.com's comprehensive search and filtering options to find freelancers who best align with your specific project requirements. You can assess their portfolios, ratings, and reviews to make informed decisions and ensure optimal outcomes for your clients.
  • Access a wide range of freelancers with various pricing options, including fixed-price projects and hourly rates and optimise cost-effectiveness. Besides, you have the flexibility to negotiate rates and choose freelancers who offer competitive pricing while maintaining quality.

Overall, with Freelancer.com, you gain access to a global talent pool, the flexibility of crowdsourcing, and the ability to choose the best freelancers for your drop-servicing business. It empowers you to deliver high-quality services, satisfy client demands for multiple options, and achieve successful outcomes for your projects.