How To Make Money As A Teenager? – A Guide

It’s not easy being a teenager. You’re not quite an adult, but you’re not a child either. You’re in that awkward stage where you’re trying to find your place in the world and figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life. And on top of all that, you’ve got to make some money.

If you’re looking for ways to make money as a teenager, plenty of options are available. You can find work offline in traditional employment roles, or you can explore the many online opportunities. There are also several ways to make money that don’t necessarily involve working for someone else.

If you’re creative and entrepreneurial, you can find ways to make money on your own. In this article, we’ll explore some options for making money as a teenager.

Make Money Online As A Teenager

The internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for teenagers looking to make money. If you’re comfortable using a computer and have a good internet connection, there are plenty of ways to make money online.


Freelancing means offering your skills to any individual or company on a contractual basis.

It can be any skill you have, from writing and editing to graphic design or web development. Several websites act as platforms for freelancers and businesses to connect, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and 99Designs.

All you need to do is create a profile on one of these websites and start bidding for jobs. Once you’ve landed a few jobs and built a good reputation, you can start charging higher rates.

How To Start As A Freelancer?

  • You can join the freelancing sites by registering with your name, email address, country name, and other required information. After your information is validated, your account will be created. 
  • Next, you will need to create a profile based on your education, experience, and skills. After the profile is approved within a time frame, you will be able to take on freelance work.
  • Make sure you have a previous body of work or a portfolio to showcase on your freelancing account.
  • You may choose the task or project by interacting directly with clients or browsing the website. Once the work is completed, you may then charge your fee accordingly.

How Much Money Can You Make As A Freelancer?

Freelancers are paid according to the task or project they complete. It differs from one client to another. If a freelancer is able to work on multiple tasks or projects at a time, they will be able to make more money.

On average, a freelancer may charge $15-$50 per hour, depending on the type of work and their experience.

Upwork states that an average US freelancer earns an hourly rate of $20.

Content Creation

If you’re a wordsmith or know how to create videos or design, you can make money by creating content.

There are a number of ways to make money from content creation, such as:- blogging, vlogging, article writing, graphic design, and video editing.


A blog is a website or online platform where you can share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You can write about anything you want, whether it’s your interests, hobbies, or observations on the world around you.

To make money from blogging, you can sign up for Google Adsense which will place ads on your blog and pay you every time someone clicks on one of the ads. You can also collaborate with brands and companies by writing sponsored posts or reviews or by selling advertising space on your blog. If you have a large enough following, you can also make money by selling products or courses or hosting events.

How To Become A Blogger?
  • First, you need to find a niche or topic that you’re passionate about writing about.
  • Then, select a platform for your blog like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, Squarespace, etc. However, it is best to create a self-hosted site with WordPress using hosts like Namecheap, Inmotion, etc. because free blogs restrict customisation and functionality and have limited storage space. They do not allow advertisements or affiliate links, which are great ways to make money. The blog and domain name will cost money, but they will be worth the investment.
  • Once done, choose a domain and a hosting package. You will be treated more seriously and professionally with your domain name. Also, purchasing a web hosting service will allow you absolute control over your blog.
  • Next, choose a topic that interests you and begin writing and sharing information about it. If you want to build expertise and a dedicated following, you will need to put effort and time. You must also post frequently and with original content.
  • Promote your blogs on all your social media handles to direct more traffic and increase your earning potential.
How Much Money Can You Make As A Blogger?

A blogger can make anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per month, depending on their niche, content quality, blog traffic, and other factors.


Vlogging is similar to blogging, but instead of writing, you share your life and thoughts through videos.

You can vlog about anything you want, whether it’s your daily routine, travel experiences, or product reviews.

There are a few ways to make money from vlogging. The most popular one is YouTube’s Partner Program, which allows you to place ads on your videos and earn money every time someone clicks on the ad. You can also make money through sponsorships, product placements, or by selling products or courses.

How To Become A Vlogger?
  • First zero on your niche or topic. You can’t just vlog about anything. You need to find a specific focus for your channel if you want people to stick around and watch your videos.
  • Then create a YouTube account and start filming yourself! You can use your phone, or invest in a camera if you want to get serious about it. Your videos don’t have to be perfect, but try to make them entertaining and informative.
  • Edit your videos using basic editing software, or hire someone to do it for you if you’re not confident in your own skills.
  • Finally, upload your videos and share them with the world!
How Much Money Can You Make As A Vlogger Or YouTuber?

Vloggers and Youtubers have the potential to make a lot of money, but it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to build up a following before you can start earning serious cash. Most successful YouTubers make anywhere from $3 to $5 per thousand views.

Social Media Influencer

If you know how to build a large and engaged social media following, then you can make money by working with brands as a social media influencer.

A social media influencer is a person who has a large number of followers on their social media accounts. They persuade and influence others to act based on their recommendations. 

Brands will pay you to post about their products or services on your social media channels or to simply mention them in your posts. You can also make money through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or by selling products or courses.

How To Become A Social Media Influencer?
  • You need to start by finding your niche or topic. You can’t just be an influencer for anything; you need to focus on one area if you want people to take you seriously.
  • Choose the platform you’re going to use to build your following. You can use Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or any other social media site.
  • Start creating content and sharing it with the world. Use high-quality images or videos, and share interesting and informative content that will persuade people to follow you.
  • Then build up a large and engaged following on your chosen platform or platforms. This takes time, effort, and consistency.
  • Post interesting and engaging content that will persuade your followers to take action. You need to be at the top of your game if you want to be successful.
  • Finally, start working with brands as an influencer. You can reach out to them directly or work with an agency that connects influencers with brands.
How Much Money Can You Make As A Social Media Influencer?

Influencers are the new celebrities, and they have the potential to make a lot of money. How much you make will depend on your niche, your engagement rate, and the number of followers you have. You can easily make $100-$200 per post if you have a large, engaged following. But if you want to make serious money, you need to have millions of followers.

According to Forbes, micro-influencers (followers of 1,000 to 10,000) earn $1,420 a month. Mega-influencers (followers of more than one million) earn $15,356 a month.


Podcasts are modern-day radio shows that you can listen to on your phone or computer.

They can be anywhere between 5 minutes and 2 hours long and are usually on a specific topic or niche. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, which means there’s a lot of money to make in this industry.

Monetising a podcast is similar to monetising a blog. You can sell advertising, become an affiliate, or sell products and courses. You can also get sponsorships from brands that want to be associated with your show.

How To Start Podcasting?

Podcasting is relatively easy to get into. All you need is a microphone and some recording software. You can record your podcast anywhere, but it’s best to find a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted. Once you have your equipment set up, it’s time to start recording!

Record your episodes and edit them if necessary. Then upload them to a hosting platform like Anchor or Buzzsprout.

These platforms not only host your files but also help you distribute your podcast to popular platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

Moreover, they also act as middlemen for ads and sponsorships, so you can start making money without lifting a finger!

How Much Money Can You Make With Podcasting?

An average podcaster earns $200-$300 per episode. This earning can be divided into sponsorships ($18 to $50 CPM), direct support (premium content subscriptions), and affiliate sales (selling other people’s products). Of course, your earnings will depend on the number of listeners you have and how often you release new episodes. But if you can build up a large and engaged following, you can easily make a full-time income from podcasting.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who assists clients with administrative tasks while working from a location other than the client’s office. 

As a teenage virtual assistant, you will be responsible for organising meetings, editing, proofreading, accounting, data entry, and other tasks. Usually, your manager will teach you the duties they require. It is an opportunity for you to learn while being paid.

How Can You Become A Virtual Assistant?

  • First, you will need a decent resume. You can include all the skills you have that could be useful as a virtual assistant.
  • Then, create a profile on freelance websites like Fiverr, Wishup, or Upwork. After the sites accept your profile, you may begin looking for a virtual assistant job.
  • Next, to ensure that you have several choices, apply to as many jobs as possible. You will be invited to an interview once your resume is accepted. It may be conducted through email or over Skype. After that, if you impress the interviewer, you will almost certainly be approved and able to start working.
  • Congratulations on being a teenage virtual assistant. As you get more experienced, you can increase your pay, and as time goes on, you will make more and more money.

How Much Money Can You Make As A Virtual Assistant?

As per Wishup, a teenage virtual assistant may earn an average of $5 – $20 per hour. However, this value changes considerably based on your level of experience.

Sell Stock Photos & Videos

If you have a camera and know how to capture an image, try taking stock photos and videos and selling them online. You can make a lot of money doing this, especially if you’re good at taking pictures of nature, animals, or people.There are a few websites where you can sell your photos, such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and iStockPhoto. They all have different commission structures, so make sure to do your research before choosing one. Generally speaking, the more photos you upload, the more money you’ll make.

How Much Money Can You Make By Selling Stock Photos?

It depends on how many photos you sell and which website you use. Adobe Stock pays 33% of the sale price for each photo and 35% for videos, while Shutterstock pays between 20% and 30%, depending on your level of experience.

Participate In Online Surveys

Several companies offer online surveys that anyone can participate in. The surveys are short and painless, and you can do them from the convenience of your own home.

You can find such surveys on websites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars. These websites offer cash or gift cards in exchange for your participation.

How Much Money Can You Make By Taking Online Surveys?

It depends on the company and the type of survey. Some companies may pay $0.50 to $1 per survey, while others may pay up to $5.

The average hourly pay for surveys is $7.00–$8.00. You may also take part in paid focus groups for marketing research. These focus groups interact directly and can tip you between $50.00 and $150.00 per hour.

Use Mobile Apps That Pay You For Running Errands

If you have a smartphone, various applications connect you with local companies or people who need people to complete small tasks like running errands for a fee. Although not all the jobs listed on the apps pay well, they are often simple and easy. 

Apps like GigWalk, WeReward, and CheckPoints are a few examples. However, before signing up, you need to ensure there is no registration cost and that the program admits teenagers.

Make Money Offline As A Teenager

Offline methods are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide more opportunities to socialise and work in person. If you’re looking for a way to make money as a teenager offline, here are some ideas:

Doing Odd Jobs

You can do odd jobs. It includes doing small tasks like babysitting, running errands, tutoring, lawn mowing, etc

Baby Sitting 

If you are responsible and you like children, consider babysitting. It is one of the most common ways to earn money for teenagers without investing anything. 

You might begin by becoming CPR certified. Doing basic first aid lessons can make your new employers feel more comfortable leaving their children with you. The classes are frequently offered for free or at a reduced cost by community centres, hospitals, and local Red Cross chapters.

However, if you have no experience caring for children and your prospective customers are concerned about your lack of experience, you may ask them for a trial period. While you initially start babysitting, you can do so when a parent is at home and accessible to help.

Pet Sitting

If you love animals and are good with them, you can help people petsitting their pets. 

For instance, most people enjoy walking their dogs, but their busy schedules make it hard to do so during the day. However, their dogs’ welfare is important to them, so they are willing to shell out some real cash for someone to take them for walks and exercise. 

You can sign up for it on mobile apps like Wag! or Rover, which connect available dog walkers to needy clients.

Running Errands

Senior citizens usually have mobility or dexterity issues, so they find it hard to do some daily tasks. If you know any aged people in your area, you can offer to help them out. You can help them fetch groceries, move furniture, solve computer-related issues, or water plants for extra cash.

Above all, first, you need to ensure that your arrangement is clear from both sides. The last thing you want is to do work expecting you to be paid while the other person regards your efforts as a favour out of love and kindness.

Lawn Mowing

Nowadays, people are too busy to keep up with their usual yard work. However, they don’t want their houses to appear untidy or abandoned. They frequently look to pay someone to mow their lawn, rake leaves, or trim the hedges.

In these cases, you can start asking your friends and relatives if they need assistance for a fee. If that doesn’t work out, put up some posters around the area advertising your services.

Tutor Neighborhood Kids

Does math come easy to you? Have you always been good at English? Or are you good at a particular sport? If so, then you can earn money from it. If you know kids in your neighbourhood who are either your age or younger than you, you can teach them a subject or a sport you’re strong in for extra cash. The kids could benefit from having a tutor, and you can also earn from it. It is a win-win situation. 

Working in Service Industry

Working in the service industry can also help you earn money. It can include working in the local stores or shops, nearby restaurants, or maybe working as a lifeguard at recreational facilities and others. 

Local Stores & Shops

Usually, grocery stores and local stores hire teenagers as baggers or stockers. You will not get much more than the minimum wage. However, your earnings will be constant and predictable as long as you turn up for your shifts and prove to your employer that you are a trustworthy employee. You will have the opportunity to work and socialise with other like-minded teenagers. But, you need to make sure that you can stand for several hours, as bagging and stocking are physically exhausting tasks.


Restaurants frequently require waiters and bartenders over 18 or 21 years, but sometimes they engage teenagers as bussers and food runners. You may have less involvement with customers in these roles. However, you can earn significant restaurant experience and often receive a portion of the servers’ tips. It’s a physically demanding job, and you will have to be on your toes for the entirety of your shift.

Working in a restaurant can also pose certain safety risks. So, you need to review the safety standards and obtain sufficient training from your employer before starting the work.

Selling Products

As a teenager, you can also sell products traditionally to help you earn a little more. You can do this by organising a yard sale, thrifting old clothes in a thrift store, selling craft items in your locality, etc. 

Organise Yard Sale

 If you have old junk lying around your house or garage that is just taking up extra room, you can ask your parents if they are willing to clean up and let you collect the money if you put the stuff on sale. If they say yes, clean out your closet, attic, or basement and organise a yard sale in your neighbourhood. 

You might also make additional money by selling inexpensive beverages or snacks in your sale. If the weather is pleasant, you can provide lemonade or soda; if it is chilly, you can se2rve hot tea or coffee. 

Thrift Old Clothes

If you have old clothes or accessories that you do not like to use now, you could always take them to a local recycled fashion store or a thrift store and get some cash in exchange for it.

You will not earn any money in advance. But, when your item sells, you will get a portion of the profits.

However, you should ensure to wash the clothes before bringing them to the store since their cleanliness and condition will affect the price of your item.

Sell Handicraft Items

If you are good at making your crafts, then you may attempt crafting your products to sell. You can design bracelets, beaded jewellery, origami, or T-shirts, depending on the tools you have and how much money you have to purchase the supplies. 

Further, you can start advertising your new store and crafts on your social media accounts and through your friends and relatives.

Bottom- Line?

Being a teenager may be difficult, but it can also be fun. Learning how to handle your money by earning your own money is fun. However, it may not always appear to be enjoyable at the moment, but eventually, it pays off.

Earning your own money teaches you how to manage your life, provides you with essential job experience, and boosts your self-esteem.

You will someday thank yourself for learning how to manage and earn your own money early.

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