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google allo

Say Hello to Google Allo – Whatsapp’s new Competitor

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While Facebook is busy in copying Snapchat features in its Instant Messaging App Whatsapp, there’s a new competitor who has shown its face to the market.

Say Hello to Google Allo

With all those existing and some brand new and unique features, Google Allo has been finally launched by Google.

But what’s new? There’s a launch of a new messaging application everyday.

Well, Google has placed its ace in creating this brand new smart chat app. It seems like Google was listening to all your rants when you used those old skool messaging apps.  Google turned out to be the Genie and granted a new application with the following features –

Smart Replies

Google already knows who you are, where you are located, what you like and what you don’t. It also knows that you don’t like to type. So it made this app learn how we type and suggest us responses for us to say. The suggested responses are shown in the form of bubbles at the bottom. These responses are words/phrases that google learned from your previous conversations.

Google is very smart. It’ll learn how you reply to a certain person. It also recognize the type of image sent to you and suggest you a perfect response for it. Time to give some rest to your fingers.

google allo

google allo

Google Assistant

Google has integrated a Google bot in the application’s interface with whom the users can converse to. They also can search for the things they want right in the messaging interface. Google Bot behaves just like siri. It has its own personality and unique functions. It can talk to you, send you reminder texts, and suggest you good music and movies when you ask for them.



Google assistant google allo

Google assistant google allo

This google assistant is also integrated in your normal chats. Planning a trip? or want to watch a movie? Just type @Google and search for whatever you want, right there in the chat window.



The interface of the application is really creative.

Now you can actually Shout or whisper for real by increasing  or decreasing the text size of the message you’re going to send.

Application consist of various new stickers.

Just like Whatsapp and Snapchat, you get to doodle on the images you are going to send.



This new feature is a bit similar to that of Telegram. You can switch to this a super encrypted chat which can be seen only by you and the receiver. It has other features like remove the name of the person you’re talking to, self destruct timer, etc.

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