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How Big is Pokémon?

How Big is Pokémon?
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How big is Pokemon? Why has it taken over the world?

Pokémon, the original idea by Satoshi Tajiri, was released as a game, in 1996, by Nintendo. It was originally named as Capsule monsters and then as Pocket Monsters. It took six years to create this game which turned out to be a worldwide sensation, eventually.

The game wasn’t a success from the start. Though, being funded by Nintendo, the game was actually created by a company, formed by Satoshi and his friends, GAME FREAK inc.. The first six years of the production were the hardest which nearly drove the developers to bankruptcy. But there was no stopping once the game was released.

The Pokémon game now has 6 generations already out and loved and has scheduled the release of seventh generation, Pokémon Sun and Moon, on November 18, 2016.

How big is Pokemon?

Pokémon is bigger than you think it is. With the launch of Pokémon Go, Nintendo‘s (which holds one third of the Pokémon company) market value has jumped by $20 billion to over $39 billion which takes it over Sony. The last time Nintendo was ahead of Sony was during the Wii days.

The information found on its official website reveals following data



How big is Pokemon

Pokémon Go

Pokémon completes its 20 years in 2016 and as a gift to all, launched an Augmented Reality based Non Nintendo platform game ‘Pokémon Go’. This game, available on both Android and IOS, has taken over the world in less than a month’s time. The developers are planning to spread the game to around 200 regions..

The game downloads has crossed 15 million mark even before its launch in Asia, its homeland.

Nintendo, which owns an around 5%-10% stake in Niantic, saw its share price go berserk as it almost doubled since the release of the game.

What else, according to the sources, users spend more time on Pokémon go than on apps like Snapchat, twitter or even Facebook. It has also topped app download charts in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, and according to some market researchers, has already been installed on 5 percent of all Android smartphones in America.

Pokemon stats

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Good things are coming for Pokémon Fans as Niantic will be launching Pokémon Go accessories named as Pokémon Go plus and hence increasing its revenue even more.

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