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    10 Trends Shaping Digital Marketing In 2018

    By Rahul Utwal / April 25, 2018

    Digital marketing is evolving rapidly and it has become really hard for marketers to keep up with every trend of the digital marketing industry. According to studies, the growing use of mobile phones and social media has only increased the prospects of better business opportunities as brands benefit by building engaging relationships with customers over […]

    Your Complete Guide To Personal Branding

    By Aashish Pahwa / April 9, 2018

    It’s a proven fact that people prefer buying brands to generic products. The same people prefer to partner with or give the job to a person who has a personal brand. But what exactly is a brand and why does it apply to humans too? A brand is a combination of unique characteristics which differentiates […]

    What Is Owned, Earned, And Paid Media? (And Their Difference)

    By Aashish Pahwa / April 12, 2018

    Owned, earned and paid media are the three pillars of a cohesive marketing communication strategy. One focuses on the interacting with the target audience through communication channels owned by the company, the other involves earning publicity by building relationships, doing stunts, and providing great content, and the third involves paying the communication channels and influencers […]

    The Data Monetization | Big Data Business Models

    By Aashish Pahwa / April 2, 2018

    We’re living in an era where your refrigerator not just reminds you that you’re out of butter but also orders it from an online marketplace. Where companies know where you’ll head to before you even get out of your house. Where the world knows what you plan to buy, how much you walk, and what […]

    8 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile Application

    By Aashish Pahwa / March 28, 2018

    Building a productive mobile application which stands out in the sea of similar applications is a big task. But promoting your application is an another uphill struggle which probably might never end as long as the application exists. How can you market your mobile application better than the competition? How to build a brand for your […]

    What Is A Cryptoasset? Types Of Cryptoassets [Ultimate Guide]

    By Aashish Pahwa / March 11, 2018

    Not so long ago, there was an idea to digitize and decentralize every monetary transaction. Today’s idea is to remove every middleman and use cryptography and peer to peer networking to conduct financial transactions, file sharing, cloud computing, banking transactions, transactions among internet of things, and creating a platform for such transactions etc. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. […]

    What’s Your Company Worth? | Business Valuation Methods

    By Nitya Shukla / March 3, 2018

    Effortlessly put, business valuation entails a process and a set of steps to determine what business values up to. While this may seem simple, getting your enterprise valued the right way turns out to be difficult than expected. Business valuation results depend on your assumptions. For what’s worth, there isn’t a particular prescribed manner how […]

    The Subscription Business Model

    By Aashish Pahwa / February 28, 2018

    What comes to your mind when you read the word ‘Subscription’? Is it Newspaper? Gym? Internet? Reader’s Digest? Or is it Netflix? Spotify? Dollar Shave Club? Amazon Prime? Ipsy? Blue Apron? Weight Watchers? The subscription business model is booming. More businesses are trying to sell their products and services to customers through subscription plans than ever […]

    5 Simple & Effective Brainstorming Techniques

    By Aashish Pahwa / March 4, 2018

    Imagine you’ve gathered your team together for that much needed brainstorming session but the things aren’t going the way you wanted them to. There are no new ideas, the silent ones are still silent, and the team is still arguing on not so relevant topics. What’s missing from this brainstorming session? Is there anything you […]

    What Is Microtargeting?

    By Aashish Pahwa / February 24, 2018

    What if I told you that you can target different customers and craft a personal campaign for each using predictive analytics and his/her demographic, psychographic, and other data? The internet has made it possible to track users’ activities, divide them into different segments according to their interests, demographics, psychographics, and target them with more appealing […]

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